What should a sexy woman look like?

Every woman wants to be desired. And if men are polygamous in the choice of sexual partners, then women just need to immediately attract a few fans. At the same time, she does not necessarily even with one of them betray her husband or a permanent lover.

But she always thirsts for attention. Being sexy outwardly and feeling sexy is not the same thing at all. Although the latter often becomes a derivative of the former. Indeed, if a woman looks really sexy, then very soon she will feel that way.

But what should a sexy woman look like? Obviously, it should be well-groomed in all senses, properly dressed, correctly painted and behave in accordance with the chosen way.

Beauty of the body - self-confidence - natural sex appeal.

A well-known fact: if a woman likes her reflection in a mirror, then by choosing any image for herself, she will perfectly get along in it. Especially if it is an image of a seductress - an inherent woman by her nature. But in order for the mirror to this role inspired, will have to put some effort.

First, to give yourself, charming, seductive, unpredictable and spontaneous, the time to create beauty should be at least a couple of hours once a week and 30 minutes every day. Hair needs to be strengthened and supported by vitamins. Nails - to bathe in special trays and keep well-groomed. Hands - protect from dryness, scratches, irritations and other troubles that can damage the refined silk of their skin. Legs should be perfect: no hair, no abrasions, no bruises. But this, of course, ideally. The figure should be such as to satisfy the wishes of the hostess. It has long been proven that sexuality and problems with excess weight or missing kilos are almost unrelated. Unless, through doubts of the owner of a figure far from perfection.

A girl or woman who regularly cares for herself, runs the risk of being the center of attention of any male company. And there is a very high probability that it will be sought regularly - with flowers, gifts, compliments and invitations for visits - just a few admirers. But this is the price of the sexuality of the image, nothing can be done about it.

The art of temptation: the wardrobe of the temptress.

Of course, it is the right clothing that gives out a sexual nature to a woman. From it begins to enter the image. Therefore, her choice of attention should be given more. So, first of all, the opinion that sex appeal is possible only in an extremely short skirt is a myth. Or delusion - someone like it. In fact, a mini skirt chosen according to the principle, the shorter, the better, is a sign of a vulgar style. Sometimes a sexy woman enters her image. But for a basis it can not be accepted.

In addition, the men themselves have repeatedly admitted that women are much more seductive, whose outfit only hints at the perfection of the lines, but leaves enough room for imagination. There are a lot of options for this wardrobe. It can be a tight-fitting blouse with a long skirt, cut to the side of the thigh. Or a small black dress with a V-shaped cut. And even better - a sarafan to the knee, with a beveled bottom, tightly fitting beautiful figure, with open shoulders (for example, tied around the neck). Another very successful option - a free, almost transparent tunic and shorts. This is the classic image of a sexy woman. In terms of shoes, it should always be edged with shoes or sandals with a narrow sole, but high-heeled.

Nevertheless, deviations from the standard are also permissible: narrowed down jeans with sneakers and a short tight top. Or a light translucent sundress to the heels with sandals. In general, a sexy woman is an image that shines in the eyes. And his clothes only emphasize him. You can not, of course, forget that it is the wardrobe that the style gives out, but one must also understand that it is only an instrument, and most importantly, in the mood.

Whirlpool of passionate eyes.

Whatever the experts say, and practice has long demonstrated clearly that it is in the woman's face that the greatest interest of men. And this is not the lips. They go under number 2. And the first thing a sexy woman should worry about is the design of her eyes. They have to play with a fan, excite the imagination in it, cause questions, awaken the desire.

Of course, how many men on the planet, so many opinions about the most seductive female eyes. But for many years the stable first positions of all ratings are occupied by eyes painted in oriental style: black thin arrows, fluffy eyelashes and a minimum of colors of shadows.

With such a high expressiveness of the eye make-up of the second dominant does not provide. Therefore, scarlet lips or a pink smile in this version are not allowed. And the taste of lipstick men never liked. And it does not matter that the temptress is not going to kiss him at all: it's not necessary for him to advertise this fact. In general, since the appearance of a variety of lip glosses, the best way to present lips to a sexy woman is not to find. Only in this variant it is necessary to emphasize also the cheekbones.

Separately it is necessary to say about perfume. The famous Coco Chanel once advised her students to apply perfume only to those places that crave kisses. And it's hard to name her otherwise, as a wise and peremptorily sexual woman. Therefore: a drop on the wrist, a drop on the neck and a drop - into the hollow between the breasts. Not more. It is possible less: the natural smell of a woman also has inviting properties for men.

The ABC of seducer.

How should a sexy woman behave? Begin the temptation from the words categorically impossible. Non-verbal speech is the language of the true master in matters of temptation. A light, flying gait is a must. A languid, slightly playful smile. And the talented game with the eyes: to look and look away, smile and again sidelong glance at him, raise an eyebrow and turn away again. In less than a minute, he will be subdued. And, of course, the first will make a step towards.

But that is not all. The game must continue. Only not only with his eyes, but also with his arms, shoulders, and a flexible camp. A touch inadvertently to his wrist, a bizarre twitching of his shoulders, aimed at his legs with his feet. All this will quickly arouse interest in the fan. And then it's a matter of technology: you can show him your dancing skills, if it's in a nightclub, or you can suggest going somewhere where it's quiet. Here the main thing is - at least some initiative from her, and not from him. So a man will understand that he met a partner, and not a beautiful doll. In addition, if a woman speaks, one more extremely effective tool for temptation becomes available - a languid voice, framed in soft, low tones.