What should I not do if my man is too correct?

Right men are practically fossils. In the modern world, in general, it's hard for someone to be right. And especially to the guy, when everyone is talking about the fact that a man should be a womanizer, that this is the whole of his essence, which is inherent in the genotype. Most guys are guided precisely by these rules, believing that you need to have more sex, drink, smoke and behave quite rampant. But sometimes there are completely different men who have sex exclusively with their beloved and only, alcohol and cigarettes are not recognized at all, they do not swear and lead a lifestyle that is clearly different from that of the average man. And if this is the right guy to fall for you, the question may arise: how to behave with him?

Is it necessary to disaccustom the boy from such a correctness or is it his special charm, if he does not follow his principles, he will turn into the same pacifier as many men do. And most importantly, how to behave in order not to disappoint him?

Try not to make it worse

Many girls think that the right man is not just right for society. Therefore, they begin to tell him that his full refusal of alcohol, cigarettes and so on is not normal, because every man should have a bad habit. In fact, such applications are very stupid and childish. The right person can not be perceived at the age of fifteen, when the boys are just beginning to grow up and develop their authority in the wrong ways. Over the years, these people become wise and understand that bad habits and profanity are not indicators of strength and leadership. Therefore, in a normal company, the right guy will be treated at least with understanding, and even with respect. If your friends and friends never came out of the psychological age of a teenager, then the problem is no longer in the guy, but in them. Therefore, you should never try to make a man become like your society. The fact that he is too right does not make him worse and stupider, even on the contrary.

Perhaps the only exception in this situation may be the case when the guy is not easy is right, he is also cutesy, arrogant, looks at all-vouching. In short, just a hypocrite. Such a person is very difficult to do. Most likely, he was brought up in a very strict and correct family, where any vulgar joke, even the most innocuous, was considered a mortal sin, and the people who allowed themselves to drink a glass of beer were not allowed to run at all. A person with such upbringing and towards others is relevant. He will never accept and will not accept people who differ from him and do not change his point of view, since he absorbed such views and principles from the milkmaid. Most likely, the society has already tried to influence him, perhaps even very aggressively and because of this, he finally became convinced that all-powerful, evil and cruel, but he lives right and will never change. Therefore, if you meet precisely with such a person, you should be prepared for the fact that he will not take many things that are normal for other people. And you will have to put up with this, give up a lot and tolerate his behavior. So, in this situation, it is up to you to decide whether to stay with such a person or whether it is too right for you.

But if his correctness is not hyperbolized and he fully accepts a lot in this life, he simply does not do it himself, then you need to remember some rules about yourself.

Have no bad habits

For the right man, bad habits, especially for women, are a nightmare. He believes that his opinion is mostly correct, that the future mother has no right to ruin her body. Therefore, if you decided to link your life with the right guy, then all harmful habits will have to be abandoned. A glass of beer or wine on holidays is the maximum that you can afford. And there can not be any talk about cigarettes. Of course, many women try to hide their bad habits, smoke and drink until the guy sees. But as the practice shows, sooner or later men will find out about it anyway and then start grandiose scandals. Right men do not tolerate lies more violently than bad habits. The fact that you not only could not overcome yourself, but also lied, offends them to the core. Such a person can calmly declare that you, most likely, do not like him, if you allow yourself to behave like that. And no matter how you prove the opposite, he can not accept the apology. Such a person believes that bad habits are a whim, which can be easily eliminated. And when you love someone, you can turn mountains, and not stop smoking. Therefore, if you want to keep such a man around and turn your life into continuous insults and disassembly, then you really need to take a decisive step and start with bad habits. Otherwise, the young man is simply disappointed in you. Such people have very idealistic views on women. They can begin to meet with a girl far from the ideal (by their standards), but they will wait for her to change for the sake of love. If this does not happen, the muzhichina will simply conclude that the woman does not like him and will break the relationship, the same concerns swear words. The woman in their understanding of the creature is pure, bright. She is a goddess, mother, ideal. And if etotideal sends to all known and unknown letters, then for the right guy comes the moment of disappointment. So, if you are a lover of a hardwired person, then you will also have to give up this habit for the good of your relationship with a young man.


And the last thing people do not understand and do not accept is flirting. Such a guy will never look at another girl, but he will never understand if you are gambling with a young man. Very often, the right guys do not particularly favor the friendship between men and women, because they believe that it simply does not exist. But if he was lucky to be friends with the girls himself, then he can calmly react to your friendship with the guys until he sees something. Therefore, if you want to communicate normally with young people besides your man, forget about meaningful smiles, looks and so on. You must behave as a friend, as people behave with friends of the same sex. Otherwise, the right guy will explain your behavior, as a desire to change and stop trusting you.

In fact, the right guy - this is both a big plus, and a big minus. You can always rely on such a man and be confident that he will be faithful, but for his sake he will have to give up much.