Readiness # 1: work days

Weekends - a great time, if it was not poisoned by the idea of ​​the imminent start of a new work week. On Friday night we are full of energy and energy, and on Sunday we are already sad that tomorrow we are back to work. Sometimes there is almost no strength to force yourself to climb the alarm clock and go to work in a good mood, not to mention the pleasure. These are signs of accumulated fatigue and stress, with which it is necessary and possible to fight.

To begin with, you learn how to disconnect from work outside of it. There is good advice - not to transfer work to private life. Leaving the office home, leave all the working problems there. Of course, there are rents, but not the same year round! You must be able to switch. Take evenings pleasant things, do not leave room for boredom, then forget about the work will be easier.
Learn not to try to solve working problems at home. It often happens that we retell the dialogues in hindsight, we turn so and so negative situations, we are nervous, we can not fall asleep. If you are inclined to such actions, learn to get rid of the working negativity. If at the moment you can not fix anything, you can not influence the situation, if the decision can be postponed - give up trying to solve the problem here and now. In the end, work is not as important as your personal life.

If at work really serious problems, then you will have to solve them.
Perhaps you do not have time to finish all your work at work, because you are not planning your time correctly. Master the basics of time management. Make a clear plan for your actions, relax priorities, alternate complex and simple cases. Try to have time to do all or most of the things in the time that you find at work. If you have to postpone something for tomorrow, let it not be very important things that will not bother you. If there is a conflict situation at work, then, quite likely, it will bother you at home. Think about your actions, try to resolve everything as quickly as possible. And remember - no work is not worth it so that you spoil your health and personal life for her sake. In the end, you can start looking for a new job that will leave more time for yourself.

Think, do you rest after work? What does your free time do? If you sit at the TV set or do a lot of similar work at home, for example, you are a cook and stand at the stove in the evenings at home, then it's normal that fatigue only accumulates. Build your leisure time so that it is radically different from your work. If the work is sedentary, let the leisure be active. If you are engaged in mental work, then increase the physical load at home. Do not necessarily harass yourself on the simulators, but walks will be very handy.
Walking is generally an excellent remedy for both fatigue and depression. Fresh air, the opportunity to visit interesting places, streets, to watch - all this is so accessible and useful, which is strange, why not all use this opportunity. Even if it seems to you that you are too tired, believe me, there will always be strength for a walk. In addition, you will be better and easier to fall asleep, get rid of headaches and do not gain extra pounds.
If we talk about sleep, it affects the overall well-being. You need to sleep. For this, give up night vigils, try to fall asleep at the same time. You should sleep at least 6 hours a day.

It happens that a person is constantly busy with work only because there is nothing more interesting in life. If this is about you, try to change the situation. Surely you love something, you are interested in something, but for some reason you do not do anything to occupy yourself with something other than work and thoughts about it. If the work is just a compensation for the lack of personal life, then there is nothing surprising in that at some point it will get bored. This is not a substitute for happiness, which could have been too long. And the only way out of this is to find a hobby and get in touch if you are not ready for loneliness and do not want to be alone.

Lately, there have appeared too many workaholics who can not live anything but work. If you are one of them, you should start solving problems before she began to poison life. If alone you can not discover new facets of a happy life, turn to a psychologist.

Excessive passion for one aspect of one's life inevitably spoils the rest. Often such a strain translates into a serious nervous breakdown, the consequences of which have to be eliminated for a long time. If every Monday you wake up with the feeling that even your favorite job is disgusting, it's worth taking a break and going on vacation, analyzing your life and correcting mistakes, resting and gaining strength. If you start the situation, then in a very short time you will find that the weekend does not bring absolutely no pleasure, and you live as if in a cage. The path to happiness is in your hands, act, and you will be rewarded for your efforts.