Wife of Sergey Shnurov: secrets of the refined Matilda (Rare photos of the children of the Cord)

Can a sensible beautiful girl dream of linking her destiny with an incorrigible reveler, rowdy, foul language and eternal captive of a green snake? I think no. And if her hand and heart is offered to her by the first daredevil of Russia - musician with a stormy personal life Sergey Shnurov? Yes, from the contenders for the role of the wife of Shnur, a whole line will be built! But the heart of an eccentric artist has long been occupied. For the past nine years, the wife of Shnur has invariably inspired his hero both to creativity, to feats, and to important changes in life.

Sergey Shnurov with his wife Matilda

The first wife of Shnur did not swear at mate and did not listen to the group "Leningrad"

Master eccentric tricks and a lover of strong words Schnur first wife met in his student years. Artist with the reputation of "tough guy" was educated in the religious and philosophical institute at the theological academy. In the future wife Maria Ismagilova Cord fell in love so much that she decided to ring with her without hesitation, despite the unfinished studies and the sheer uncertainty in life. At the age of 20, Cord was already washing the diapers and boiling the bottles.

Sergey Shnurov with his little daughter Serafima

Raising his daughter Serafima took Sergei a lot of time - the creative plans of the singer have receded into the background. And only when the baby grew up, the young father seriously engaged in music. Maria Ismagilova did not support the hobby of her husband. From the songs of the group "Leningrad" from the impressionable wife of Sergei Shnurov, his ears were folded into a tube! Misunderstanding in the family caused a divorce. Offended by Pope Seraphim for a long time argued that with the performer Shnurov absolutely nothing connects it.

Sergey Shnurov and his daughter from the first marriage of Seraphim

Bright biography Cord: wives, children, concerts and scandalous glory

Svetlana Kostitsina became the second chosen non-ordinary musician. The new wife of Shnura tried her hand at the position of manager of Leningrad. Promotion of "indecent" songs was succeeded by her one hundred percent. Inspired by love, the woman was able to do the impossible - to organize Shnur concerts in the capital in spite of the discontent of the then mayor Yuri Luzhkov.

Sergey Shnurov on stage

Kostitsina helped her husband to become a star and gave him a wonderful heir - the son of Apollo. A harmonious union of two active personalities could have existed for many years, if the unstable Cord had not once "stared left".

Civil wife of Shnura actress Oksana Akinshina

The singer, whom the law does not write, eagerly liked the fifteen-year-old actress Oksana Akinshina. Sergei Shnurov, the young lady was ideally suited in spirit. Talented girl listened enthusiastically to tales of an adult gentleman about the benefits of bad habits, drunkenness to impropriety and sex in public places. The reckless conduct of the Cord seemed to Oksana a role model. Sergei lived with a movie star for five years in a civil marriage, and then suddenly told reporters that with Akinshina he had come "on a drunken bench." A young girlfriend, Shnur, resigned and, without a moment's suffering because of her love, quickly found a replacement for her.

Cord with a civil wife Oksana Akinshina

The wife of the Cord of Matilda: a provincial girl from an unhappy family has become a metropolitan secular lioness

Biography of the wife of Schnur Matilda reminds a fairy tale about the lucky Cinderella. Persistence and purposefulness helped a daring young lady win the position in society and become famous. Elena Mozgovaya - that's the real name of Shnur's wife - was born in the village. Her parents divorced when she was a year and a half.

Matilda Shnurova (Elena Brain) as a child

The mother was carried away by a new man, his father - addicted to alcohol. After a divorce and an unsuccessful novel with another fan, Lena's mom decided to move with her daughter to Voronezh. Unsuccessful attempts to establish personal life led to the fact that a desperate woman found an outlet in religion - was carried away by Sahaja Yoga. Even now, the chakras and kundalini energy are of more interest to the lady than the fate of the famous daughter.

Mother of Elena Brain Tatyana Nagornaya

The current wife of Shnur always wanted to break out of the province. The girl went to look for her place in the sun to Moscow, where she made many useful acquaintances. Later an ambitious provincial student entered the Technological University of St. Petersburg and plunged into science with a head. And if it were not for the novel with Shnur, Elena Mozgovaya, maybe now, was working on research in the field of genetic engineering or immunochemistry. But at the behest of fate, the talented student became just Matilda, the wife of Shnur.

Matilda and Cord

Matilda Shnurova: wise, sexy and "on labutenas, nah"

With his wife Matilda, Sergei Shnurov met by chance. At one of the social events they were introduced by a common friend. Seeing Lena's expressive eyes, Shnur instantly compared the girl to the beauty depicted in Vrubel's painting The Swan Princess.

Mikhail Vrubel's painting "The Swan Princess"

The first meeting between Matilda Shnurova and the chief rebel of the Russian stage ended with a bed. Since that night, the couple are inseparable. After three years of civil marriage, Cord made Matilde an anti-romantic, but sincere offer. While searching for a sausage stick in the refrigerator, Sergei, as if between deeds, informed his lady of the heart that he wanted to marry her. Elena answered calmly - without tears of emotion and trembling in her voice: "Of course, it's time already."

Wedding of Sergey Shnurov and Elena Brain

Today Matilda Shnurova's biography can only be envied. Schnur's wife opened the ballet school "Isadora" in St. Petersburg and started a restaurant business. Thanks to the support of her spouse, Matilda became the manager of one of the most popular St. Petersburg drinking and entertainment establishments "KoKoKo". According to the secular lioness, she was never fond of cooking, she does not like to stand at the stove for hours, but Mathilde is an excellent generator of ideas. From the products familiar to the Russian people, the cook "KoKoKo" prepares inconceivable culinary delights. In the institution of the starry couple, usually all tables are occupied.

Matilda Shnurova - head of the ballet school in St. Petersburg "Aseydora"

Judging by the photo of 2016, Schnur's wife not only turned from Cinderella to a princess, but also managed to create a new image for her husband. Sergei Shnurov refused to favorite tights with bubbles on his knees - and began to give preference to branded suits. Now the singer does not refuse gloss and always chooses only exquisite things. He even admitted that, thanks to the efforts of his wife, he almost quit drinking and started sports. True, sometimes the Cord allows himself to relax "in the old-fashioned way," but the second half on this occasion hysterics does not roll. After all, "nagging" a loved one is the last thing.

Matilda Shnurova in her own restaurant "KoKoKo"

Shnurov established relations with children: "Beer to my children is possible, but only on Fridays. On other days - strictly vodka! "

In "Instagram" Shnurov a lot of photos with his wife, but the other day the artist blew up the Internet. Scandalously famous singer showed the fans pictures, which depicted his spiritual gatherings with children. The singer showed the fans how he drinks beer and smokes with his daughter and son. Perhaps, many representatives of the younger generation would like to do something in the company of their parents that is "harmful and wrong". The children of the Cord, judging by the photo, were very fortunate.

Sergey Shnurov with his daughter Seraphim and son Apollo

A connoisseur of abusive wit, a master of shocking, an icon of style and at the same time a "wild man" is such a unique and brilliant Cord. Children, a wife, loyal fans - everyone respects and loves him for directness and talent. St. Petersburg hooligan lives a bright life - shocking the public, while earning a lot of money. The Cord's wife does not at any time read the notations to a favorite extreme. A companion of life, capable of doing stupid things from the heart, filled her life with astounding happiness.