With what to wear ripped jeans

For years now, the jealous jeans that are so disliked by many representatives of the older generation are not out of fashion. What is the secret? The answer is simple: this wardrobe item is universal, but at the same time bright enough not to get lost in the gray crowd. In addition, if desired, it can be written in almost any style. The main thing is to learn how to competently combine ripped jeans with other elements of clothing, otherwise instead of the desired stylish image you risk becoming the object of ridicule.
Ragged jeans can add piquancy to any girl. But it is important not to forget about the features of your figure.

Owners of large hips should choose a choice on models of straight cut with vertical slits. It is better if there are not many of them. Thus, your legs will visually become slimmer, and the silhouette is more elongated.

Miniature "inch" is better to avoid jeans with slits on the calves, it will only shorten the legs and make them more massive than they really are.

As for the color - here you have all the cards in hand, the benefit at the moment in the shops presents a whole palette of colors. Classic blue, blue and black, original purple or burgundy, fashionable pastel colors ... The choice is limitless!

With what to wear ripped jeans? What kind of shoes to wear with ragged jeans?
Shoes should complement the jeans and the ensemble as a whole, fitting into the chosen style. What accessories to wear ripped jeans?