Women's jackets, autumn-winter 2009-2010

Autumn is in full swing. Winter is coming. Many begin to take care of their winter wardrobe today. I want to look fashionable and stylish. Therefore, you just need to know what jackets women's autumn-winter 2009-2010 will be at the peak of popularity.

Jackets women's autumn winter 2009 2010 - a leather jacket, and the skin rough dressing. No less popular jackets of jeans or suede, cotton or nylon. Popular and fur jackets, or models with detached fur. In general, this season uses absolutely any material. The length should be short. And, the shorter, the more effective. Of course, such short little jackets are not very warm in winter cold, but fashion requires sacrifice. Despite the fact that the short jackets are fashionable, the length of your model can be any. This is your desire, your comfort, your choice.

Leather jackets.

In this season, leather jackets are not just relevant, they are at the peak of their popularity. Today in fashion to wear well, very short leather jackets. The most popular style is a rock and roll rocket and biker jackets. How attractive the girl in a little black dress looks and from above such a duck. The owner of a single-breasted jacket jacket with a collar-stand is a true fashionista. Suitable and a similar double-breasted jacket. To soften the rough dressing of the leather, jackets are decorated with fur, lightning and all kinds of belts. The color of the leather jacket is necessarily black. In fashion, return sharp shoulders, asymmetrical cut, emphasizing the silhouette. The length of the sleeve is ¾. To such models, with a short sleeve, long gloves are best. But you can do without them. Fantasy is not limited.

Jackets for jackets.

In the season of autumn-winter 2009-2010, jacket jackets made of leather or trench coat are actual. Trunks and jackets are fashionable. Clasp or zipper or buttons. Black color is actual. But all the shades of brown are not less effective. Both red and brown trench coats and jackets will be relevant.

Jackets with fur.

Fur is a thing out of fashion. Fur things and things decorated with fur, never went out of fashion. This season is not an exception. Jackets with fur - the trend of autumn-winter 2009-2010. Fur can be anything: short-tailed, long-bellied fur, and the most relevant is the caracul. Fur can be used as cuffs, collars or trimmings for jackets. The color of jackets with fur can be any. These are traditional black and gray jackets, and unusually bright - neon-green, orange, purple.

Having completed the next spiral, the fashion returns. So, jackets with wide ovens become actual - a rescue for girls with wide hips.

In color, you can not limit yourself. How tired traditional black, gray and brown tones fall and winter clothes. This season, every woman can and should break this gray tradition Let's paint the autumn in bright colors. Uniform jackets of bright colors, or even variegated multicolored - the choice of this season. Now in the crowd it will be very easy to stand out. Even a traditional black or gray jacket can be revived. Sequins, sequins, bright prints will come to the rescue. And the bravest can buy themselves a gold jacket.

Do not lose their relevance blowing down jackets. Jackets made of polyester and nylon, stitched along and across will warm in the winter weather not one woman. Boast your warmth can not very-very short jackets. But they are so attractive, so feminine. Pleasure yourself. Buy such a mini-jacket to go out into the light - it will be an occasion to show off on people.

But whatever model of women's autumn-winter jacket 2009-2010 you would choose, do not forget about its quality, its comfort and style.