12 recommendations on how to make professional makeup

Make-up is an art, and it involves not only an impeccable taste, but also skillful execution
1. Fatty blush is an ideal means of decorative cosmetics for beginners. Apply the blush on the cheekbones in three places and rub it with the fingertips.

2. Dry blush will look more natural if you use two shades of the same tone. On the brush, take the dark rouge, lightly brush off excess, put on the cheekbones. Then, just put a light rouge, a little beyond the outline of the dark.

3. Toning means, regardless of whether they are liquid or compact, should be applied using a sponge. It is necessary to know that the more tone is sparkling and transparent, the more tender and natural it looks on the skin; than a matte tone, the higher its masking properties. 4. Powder should always be a little lighter tonal. Apply to the face powder with a flat puff and make a few soft pats with the pads of your fingers.

5. Brushes for powder application - wide and fluffy. They are very convenient when removing excess powder. The best option is a shaving brush.

6. Eye shadow, superimposed in the form of a fan, is a good idea for evening make-up. Bright tone to put on the inner corner of the eye, the middle - to the middle of the century, dark - to the outer corner.

7. Mascara is also transparent. It not only adorns the eyelashes, but also is a night-care tool for them.

8. Brown eyes, surrounded by a lilac contour, seem even deeper.

9. Blue eyes, surrounded by a light blue contour, stand out brighter.

10. Eye shadow pink color should be separated from the eyelashes more dark, otherwise the eyes look tearful.

11. Leaflets with powder, covering the face with a matte velvety layer, used to remove the gloss of oily areas of the skin.

12. Masking pencil helps to hide pimples, dilated capillaries, pigmented and birthmarks. And even traces of burns!