Stages of applying makeup

The cult of female beauty began many centuries before our era. In any era, a woman tried to be beautiful, coming up with new tricks, applying patterns and drawings to her face and body. So there was a make-up, already necessary attribute of image of the modern woman. For correct makeup, there are several rules that you need to know and use skillfully. The first rule is the successive stages of applying makeup, the second rule - everything should be in moderation. The following should also be noted:
• Before applying make-up, the skin must be clean;
• Choose the appropriate cosmetic products according to your skin type;
• When choosing cosmetics, check the expiration date of the cosmetic.

So, on a clean skin you need to apply a light moisturizer. This will be a good foundation for a foundation that will last longer and maintain its structure. Next, you need to use a pencil-proofreader, which will help to mask small skin defects, spots, inflamed patches.

As a basis for applying makeup is a foundation. It should be chosen according to the color and type of skin. For oily skin suitable are liquid creams, for dry and fading suitable base in the form of a thick cream. The ideal option is to have two colors of foundation for evening and daytime make-up, depending on the lighting. When applying the substrate, it is important to achieve an even tone without lines and stains. Although, if your complexion is even, the skin has no noticeable spots and inflammation, then you can do without a foundation.

The next step in applying makeup is applying the powder. In the beginning of the day you should use loose powder, which will help smooth out the face cream on your face. Make sure that the powder is laid flat, without hammering in the folds of the skin. During the day makeup can be corrected with the help of compact powder.

Now you can go to the eyebrows. Remove excess hairs with tweezers, but remember that you can not pinch eyebrows on top. Bring your eyebrow in color in a tone lower than the color of the hair on the eyebrows. The eyebrow line should be smooth and arcuate. It is better to bring eyebrows in soft small strokes. Then the line will be more natural.

Then you can look into the eyes. This is a very important stage of applying makeup. with the help of shadows it is possible to significantly change the shape of the eyes. Remember that light colors make the eyelids bulging, while dark tones give the eyes a "deepening" effect. First you need to apply the basic tone of the shadows to the eyelids, apply a darker shade to the outer corner of the eye, and apply shades of pearl color under the eyebrows. It should be remembered that the bright color of the shadows draws attention to the eyebrows, which, in this case, must be perfect. The line of the eyes can also be emphasized with a pencil, which in color will be darker than the color of the shadows in the corner of the eyes, or with the same principle of color matching. For the lower eyelid, it is better not to use the eyeliner. For these purposes, the pencil fits best.

The next stage of applying makeup is mascara. Apply 2 coats of mascara on eyelashes, allow them to dry, then you can apply another layer. To increase the eyes, do not put mascara on the lashes of the lower eyelid.

You can correct the face with the help of blush. The color is chosen according to the color of your natural blush. With blush, the main thing is not to overdo it, but to apply them better with a large round brush.

The final stage is the make-up of the lips. For thin lips it is better to use a pencil for the contour of the lips. This will give them more volume. For daytime make-up it is better to use lip gloss, for evening make-up lipstick of brighter tones is suitable.

That's all. But do not forget that before going to bed makeup must be washed off to prevent premature skin aging.

Ksenia Ivanova , especially for the site