20 ways to look fashionable and beautiful

All young ladies want to look not only beautiful, but also sexy. And how to achieve this in this article.

1. As a magnet

When the next time you choose your spirits, try something with vanilla. Perfumers claim that this is one of the most sensual scents. By the way, vanilla can be not at all sweet and sweet and not intrusive.

2. Unlimited possibilities

There is nothing worse than the end of the blush. Although there is, perhaps, is. This is a badly applied tonal cream, the visible boundaries of which spoil the entire image. So we think not only we, with us the make-up artists are in solidarity, for the most part, please note men. You will be saved by brushes, sponges and patience, with which you will apply blusher and tonal cream.

3. The truth in wine

Even if a man is not a sommelier, he will still want to "taste" your lips with the color of aged wine: plum, berry or grape - it does not matter, either of these shades is the trend of the season. You and samanavernjak know that painting your lips with bright lipstick is not an easy task , but still remember that it should be applied with either calligraphic precision or not applied at all.Remember the contour pencil and special brushes.

4. No order

Looking at your packing, the surrounding people should get the impression that you did not spend a single minute of time on it, not a drop of styling. I have not had time to dry my hair.

5. Position lights

In your years, our grandmothers had no idea what a high-liner (a tool that gives skin radiance). And now another problem: it is difficult to determine the choice. We tell: take one that lasts longer and looks natural.

6. The sun in the bottle

A good toning remedy, like the sun, is made to make skin not just tanned, but also smoother, smoother. And not only for the sake of clarity. A weightless texture in the form of a gel or mousse is ideally distributed and does not leave "dirty" marks and stains on the skin.

7. Eyebrow

Forget about eyebrow adjustments this season. Or do it very carefully, preserving the natural density and natural shape of the eyebrows.

8. One shot

Ten minutes of sweet morning sleep, which you will sacrifice in order to draw arrows, is a negligible fee for femininity. Applications vrodeenauchitsya it is impossible - this "innate gift" is not accepted since the on-line appeared eyeliner in the form of a felt-tip pen.

9. Your Excellency

If the hair shines, then you, and they are in perfect order. Watch your health and do not forget to use makeup to make the strands shine (some of the products also fix your hair). Apply the product at the end of the styling.

10. Pastel scenes

Everything goes to the fact that this season the main criterion for sexuality will become naturalness. We are just happy. Shades of lacquers and lipsticks that merge with the skin.

11. Add colors

In bright clothes, you can easily cheer yourself up. Orange, purple, crimson, blue, red and green are real color therapy. Of course, you can not name such things for every day, but you definitely need to please yourself in time.

12. Transparent hint

While some are warming with cardigans of large mating, frost-resistant try on Valentino dresses, Dior blouses, Givenchy skirts, allowing to see the body, underwear or its absence. A more relaxed option - Stella McCartney dresses with transparent sleeves. Of course, all this is more suitable for the evening than for a day-to-day meeting or negotiations. Although, on the other hand, depending on who you are trying to talk to.

13. A man's conversation

Girls look extremely sexy in men's things, whether it's a snow-white shirt or a tuxedo, put on a naked body. In this season, any fashion needs not only the above items of clothing, but also in an over-the-air suit, a hat and loffers. Dilute excess masculinity simple female pleasure - sequins, animalistic prints and metallized accessories.

14. Wider step

Modest pencil skirts are allowed to be worn only by those who are stuck in an office dress code. All the rest - to stand on the raid path, so as not to embarrassment flaunt in skirts with high cuts from the hip.

15. Princess on the pea

Large, small, asymmetrical, colorful, classic - now the peas appeared before us in all its glory. In pea things it's easy to flirt and look feminine. The most masculine natures and at all combine peas of different sizes, demonstrating an easy attitude to fashion and an excellent sense of humor.

16. Red Black

Contrast combinations of colors always look bright and attract attention. If you want to catch your admiring looks, try on daring and sexy outfits in black and red.

17. I warmed the snake

The invariable leopard print - the favorite of many fashionistas this fall gave way to the coloring of the python. Under the charm of snakes came such fashion houses as Prada, Gucci, Chloe, Missoni, Dior. Be aware, the seductive and self-assured python does not tolerate other reptiles near, so release the regiment in the wardrobe for dresses, shirts, yuboki accessories with this animalistic pattern.

18. Hazardous links

Patent leather, cap in the spirit of the movie "Night Porter," handcuffs and nets - in the new season of role-playing games and fetishism can not be avoided.

19. Head in the clouds

Special place for hats. Wide-brimmed hats will add mystery and attract the attention of the opposite sex. The main thing is to combine the fashionable accessory with casual, calm clothes, but not with defiant outfits, or risk taking over the city's crazy.

20. The fateful forties

Tired of the bohemian chic of the seventies? Take note of the custody of not only the 60's, but also the 40's. Dress just below the knee, underlined arms, elegant accessories, fur boas, scarlet lips. Hollywood Kinodive, not otherwise.