Romantic style in clothes

In order to properly and tastefully form your image, which is "one hundred" combined with your lifestyle, you must learn about the main styles in clothing that exist in the fashion world. Today, within the framework of the theme: "Romantic style in clothes", we decided to get you acquainted with one of the most "tender" and "feminine" styles, which has been preserved and is popular today.

At the heart of the romantic style in clothes lies one of the directions of the 18th century - romanticism. This style, very extravagant and at the same time subtle and gently pushes out the female essence and emphasizes all the virtues of the figure. Romantic style suits people, poetic nature, gentle romantics, who do not tolerate fuss and love their life.

The romantic style of our century has retained all the features of this style of the past era: elegant draperies, bows, light embroidery, ruffles, mother-of-pearl buttons, flounces, flowers, frill, flounces and stylish decollete. Here it is worth noting the fact that this style of clothing is often observed in the collections of most famous designers all over the world. Romantic clothing took pride of place in such brands as "Chanel", "Nina Ricci", "Laura Ashley", "Chloe". But before learning how to distinguish this style from the mass of others, in the first place, it is necessary to learn to identify the main elements of romance. It is for this that we suggest that you learn the basics of a romantic style.

In clothes, the main kind that represents this trend in fashion, it is customary to consider dresses. These dresses must necessarily emphasize the line of the female waistline. On these dresses, bold decolletes are allowed, which show the chest. Most often, these outfits are made of transparent and light fabrics. Also, romance can be attributed to skirts, which have a flared shape with significant and magnificent folds, drapery and assemblies.

As we have already said, the fabrics used in creating the romantic image are, as a rule, light, pleasant to the feeling of the manufactory, which resemble gentle velvet or velor. Most often, designers use different types of silk, chiffon, fine wool, fabrics with the presence of light shine, poured knitted fibers and, most importantly, materials on which embroidery or original lace fabrics are applied.

And now let's say a few words about the color scheme in the romantic dress style. Romanticism is revered with delicate, refined shades that can soothe our eyes when looking at them. This is mostly pastel colors, in which there are absolutely no variations of bright and juicy tones. Also in this style is allowed an easy unobtrusive coloring, which is a natural drawings and images. For example, here you can include not colorful and delicate flowers or even just their outlines, romantic landscapes of nature, sea sunset, flowering meadows and many other things that create an image of a subtle and sensitive nature that can capture aesthetics in all the charms of the world around. Abstract images in the form of polka dots, floral motifs and color gradients from darker to lighter shades, or vice versa, also found their place in romanticism.

In any style there are individual details. So the romantic style was no exception. Just this trend in fashion, includes a significant number of jewelry, which is very elegantly attached to the romantic image of its special note. Romantic style includes the following elements of decorative additions: cuffs and inserts from refined lace, bows and embroidery on collars, very unusual fasteners (on the shoulders or behind, on the back), tender buttons on the legs and a noticeable number of hinged loops. These details are mandatory in this style direction and always say that you really know what real romanticism is.

From the details, let's move on to accessories, as a necessary link of any style in clothes. Romanticism has always welcomed various hats in the form of hats, both with and without fields, which in the form of jewelry have ribbons, bows or soft drapery. This feature of style has survived to this day. Plus, here you can include light and air scarves or scarves, shawls made of lace or azhura, which are complemented by fringe elements. By the way, massive and voluminous hoods made of light materials will also, quite well, complement this style. But do not say about gloves, it means, do not say anything at all. After all, the subtlety of women's hands, can only emphasize exquisite gloves, of any length. Most often, this style is complemented with gloves made of capron, velvet or silk. Such gloves must certainly have gentle yarn, embroidery or bows. But a woman's hand in such a glove, must keep a small handbag without sharp corners, on long handles with a markedly exquisite design. Very well complement your romantic image of a bag-clutch of beads. And what kind of girl will go out without decorations. This style welcomes ornaments refined, which in their appearance resemble the old. Here you can include: brooches, bracelets, pendants and earrings. All this must be made of their silver, nickel silver or exquisite jewelery material, it is allowed to use transparent stones. And a symbol of a romantic style, for decades, jewelry from pearls has been considered.

Shoes - one of the main details of any style. Romantic style includes such shoes, which always emphasizes the sexuality of the female legs. Therefore, elegant sandals, shoes with a gentle lacing, shoes-boats are the main attribute of a romantic nature. Remember that if the heel, then thin, if the skin, then lacquered, if the fabric (for example, ballet shoes), then with delicate inserts.

And in conclusion, say a few words about the hair and makeup. In a romantic image, hairstyles from long hair are appreciated, where every curl is clearly expressed. Most often these are curls, complex weave and wavy strands. But in the makeup the main accent is recommended to pay attention to the eyes. Here you should avoid contrasting shades. Make-up should be gentle and easy. The last point in your romantic image, must certainly become a floral perfume fragrance with notes of jasmine, vanilla or roses.