A gift to my mother with my own hands: crafts made of cotton wool, master class with a photo

A master class that will help you create beautiful roses from wadded disks and wires.
Truly there is no limit to human imagination! From what only modern craftsmen of Mary can do! For example, such a common thing for a woman's everyday life, like wadded disks, can become the basis for creating a lot of original things "hand-made". It can be interesting Christmas toys, appliqués in the form of animals and flowers, fir-trees and globular trees, snowmen and angels.

We offer you an unusual master class for making crafts "Roses from wadded disks". A bouquet of such original flowers can be not only a part of home decor, but also a wonderful gift, for example - to my mother.

Roses made of cotton wool, master class with photo

Necessary materials:

Step-by-step instruction

  1. We will begin the process of making flowers from stems, for this we cut the wire into the required number of roses, of which our gift will be made up by our mother (at the rate of 35-40 cm per flower).
  2. We form a stem with a twig from these segments, dividing the wire on two veins about 10 cm long from the top. In addition, we cut the vein, which is a branch with leaves, to the wire and attach to it a thin wire in the form of branchings, after which we attach the leaves.
  3. We cut out the blanks of leaves from the same cotton wool discs, dip them into the green paint solution and dry them.

  4. Now we turn to the manufacture of the most beautiful part of the craft - roses made of cotton wool. Prepare a paint solution (red, yellow - your choice) and dunk the future petals of flowers in it. To achieve a more natural color of the petal, you can additionally blur them under a stream of cold water.

  5. A little finger-pressed petals-discs alternately lay on the vein, which will be the stem of the flower, folding and fixing the adhesive thermo-pistol each petal in a circle in the form of a bud. For a beautiful rose, you will only need to use 6-7 petal discs. The advantage of wet wadded discs is that they are very pliable, so it is easy to work with them, giving the desired shape to the petals - they can be pulled out, the edges can be bent. We fix the bud on the stalk with a thread and leave to dry.

  6. A finished stem with a flower is wrapped in a green thread, grabbing the bottom of the bud, and decorating the leaves. Leaflets can be "planted" on the wires intended for them as follows: open each leaf along one side to half, insert a wire into it, glue it with glue, add it and fix the result by pressing the halves.

  7. As a final touch, you can use a hair spray with sparkles, sprinkling them with the resulting buds of roses. So a flower gift to mom with her own hands will look more impressive.

When forming a bouquet, do not try to achieve the ideal color combination of petals, since in nature roses with the same petals do not exist. Combine the colors and shades in the bouquet - and your gift will be appreciated!