A proud mountaineer: Tbilisi is a treasure of Georgia

Georgia attracts tourists not only with the famous Caucasian cordiality, selection wines and picturesque resorts of Adjara, but also with the amazing atmosphere of appeasement and fun reigning in every corner of this amazing country. The capital of Georgia is a holiday city. Tbilisi gives guests a feeling of joyful anticipation and justifies expectations at every step. The area of ​​the former Tiflis - the Old Town, with its narrow cobbled streets and ancient ruins, suggests plunging into the terrible Middle Ages: one can not but visit the Narikala citadel and pass by the majestic temples of Metekhi and Sioni and the oldest Orthodox church Anchiskhati.

Narikala - ancient fortress, erected in the IV century on Mount Mtatsminda

Metekhi Temple - Assumption Church of the XIII century

The Sion Cathedral on the bank of the Kura River keeps a sacred relic - a cross from the vines of St. Nina

Stone Anchiskhati: the oldest Tbilisi church dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin Mary

The pride of the Georgian clergy is the Cathedral of Sameba, the residence of the Catholicos-Patriarch.

Tsminda Sameba: Cathedral of the Holy Trinity - a symbol of the modern capital

The bridge of the world is another miracle of Tbilisi. Like a hiking trail, it connects the two universes of the capital: historical and modern. The undulating glass dome is lit in the evening with thousands of lights of the interactive system, flickering every hour with symbols of chemical elements from the periodic table.

Light show on the Bridge of Peace symbolizes the unity and equality of people

The half-kilometer-long prospect Shota Rustaveli is the central artery of Tbilisi. The cultural and entertainment life of the city boils here: the National Museum of Georgia, the Georgian Opera and Ballet Theater, the National Gallery, the Tiflis Passage and the old parliament building are on the street.

Prospect Rustaveli: benches, coffee shops and cozy taverns under the shadow of plane trees Proud mountaineer: Tbilisi - treasure of Georgia