Actor Oleg Menshikov, his biography

He is called one of the charming men on the domestic television screen. He played in dozens of successful paintings. The theme of our today's article is "Actor Oleg Menshikov, his biography."

November 8, 1960 in the city of Serpukhov near Moscow was born the now famous actor Oleg Menshikov. But soon the Menshikov family moved to the south of the capital and settled near the Kashirskoye highway, where the boy's youth had passed.

They received a small apartment, "Khrushchev", where two mothers, father, grandfather and Oleg managed to stay in two rooms. The ordinary family life has flowed. Work, a kindergarten, games in the yard ... Unusual for the parents the boy's interest in music seemed. He was bought a violin and arranged for classes in a music school.

Oleg began to attend a comprehensive school in six years. He studied well, but he was never an excellent pupil. At school, the boy's craving for the humanities began to manifest itself, and he studied in the mathematical ... Hardness of character and determination could not allow Oleg to admit the appearance of triples in his diary, and therefore he took seriously the exact sciences. The most long-awaited for him were trips with parents and classmates to the theater.

Teachers noted in Menshikov uneasy character. The boy never obeyed the generally accepted norms and always did everything as he needed, while pretending that he agrees with the remarks. I never got involved in disputes and conflicts, I watched everything from the outside. Had all his own, special, opinion.

In addition to music, Oleg liked to demonstrate various tricks, often using the neck scarf of his classmate Irina Golubenko, who she reluctantly gave to the young magician. Then, having regretted Oleg, her friend bought him a similar but different color. Menshikov refused, as though he knew what he needed.

Meanwhile, the music school, which Oleg went to, expanded at the expense of more students and was partially transferred to the school where the boy was studying. In many classes musical instruments were put.

Oleg liked to play cancan and change the melodies from classical operettas. He was so fascinated that the whole class could join him with pleasure.

Oleg attended the theater twice a week. Some of the plays he especially loved six or seven times. His love for operettas has survived to this day, but for some reason was not used at full strength in the cinema and on stage.

But friends and teachers celebrated in Menshikov not only musical talent, but also acting talent. A boy Seryozha lived opposite the house where the Menshikov family lived. He loved to play jokes on friends. One day, when Oleg was alone at home, he suddenly shouted from the window opposite that the gypsies are going, and they want to take Oleg. The rich imagination of the boy vividly painted a terrible picture. Oleg experienced terrible moments of waiting for his parents to come.

True, Menshikov liked draws no less. One day in class, classmates noticed a pin with a white head in the boy's mouth. He then showed her, then as if swallowing. Then someone could not stand it and shouted: "Stop immediately, you'll swallow it." At the same instant, the pin disappeared in Oleg's mouth, he began to wheeze, and from the lips he heard: "Ah-ah-ah ... swallowed ..."

The teacher called Menshikov's mother (she was a doctor by training), the guys escaped with horror to the magician-sorceress's hospital ... Then they asked him a long time how doctors managed to extract a pin, or the child either kept silent or switched the conversation to another direction. Oleg did not even think to swallow a pin. He needed to play a drama in front of everyone and enjoy the result.

Sometimes the audience was absolutely outsiders. One day, classmates rode for a birthday party to one of the guys. In the hands of Menshikov was a whole roll of five-kopeck tickets. He waved them in the open window. In an instant tickets could fly out the window. Everyone asked him to stop hooligans, but Oleg did not stop. Suddenly the tickets were outside the window ... The Controller began to demand a fine. In the end, everything ended in the police. For Menshikova interceded by the girls and gave a fine to release a friend. Oleg understood very well that the case could take a steep turn, but playing on the spectators gave him great pleasure, such that it could cross all bounds. This happened with a friend of Oleg Evgeny Savichev. This time Menshikov played an evil controller who demanded to show a ticket or pay a ticket. Zhenya at first laughed at a friend, asked to stop this performance. Then Oleg was angry and began to appeal to passengers in order to condemn the "hare," the fight against stowaways, thus bringing him almost to hysteria ...

Very much Oleg's character changed after a trip to Artek. There was a reassessment of values, the boy saw the world to others, communicated with many people. At school he was ready to be diagnosed "conceited," but changed his mind after the camp. Menshikov had other scales of life, he became bored to live as before ...

In high school Oleg begins to stage performances. The script was written by himself for his favorite works, supplemented by his own compositions. Costumes sewed themselves, they took something for rent. A lot of people were drawn to the performance. And Menshikov controlled everything. In general, until the end of training, Oleg was a leader. All around him were gathered: hooligans, and honors pupils, and dvoechniki. No one even imagined that someone could raise his hand to him or raise his voice! He was always special.

After graduation, Oleg was sure that he would become an artist. It was never a painful choice for him-music or a stage. The answer has long been known - only the scene. Therefore, Menshikov entered the Higher Theater School named after Shchepkin. Often at home the Menshikovs gathered fellow students - both Muscovites and people from provincial cities - read "Masters and Margarita" out loud. And here Oleg is a leader. He needed all the attention, recognition and respect.

Menshikov accepts an invitation to the Maly Theater, although this is not exactly what he wanted. By that time he already had 3 roles in the cinema, he was already recognized ... Unfortunately, the year spent at the Maly Theater had no effect on his acting career. He was sometimes put into old plays for small roles connected with departures from Moscow. Perhaps for a long time he would have had to be "talented and promising", but it's time for military duty.

Oleg was at the Central Theater of the Soviet Army. Professor Petrova recommended him to the "team", where Menshikov, unlike Maly, had a very tight schedule. The plays were mostly of a military nature, but there were also classics: Ostrovsky's Forest, Dostoevsky's Idiot. Upon completion of the service, having received the rank of sergeant, Menshikov receives an invitation to the troupe of the Yermolova Theater.

The first role, a young, smart secretary in "Speak!" Was small. Menshikov was revealed in his second work, in Radzinsky's "Sports Scenes of 81". Oleg did not like the role, but he played it amazingly.

Then followed the production of the production. In a short time Menshikov managed to play in five Moscow theaters!

In 1995, Oleg Menshikov created a partnership "814". He puts the classics of Russian dramaturgy "Woe from Wit" by Griboyedov. in the play plays a major role together with Olga Kuzina, Ekaterina Vasilieva, Alexei Zavyalov, Polina Agureeva. Later in the press they will write about the production as about the "Event of the last two theatrical seasons".

December 20, 2001 the premiere of the play "Players". Unlike other plays, this one is intentionally chamber music. It is played on the stage of the theater. Of the Mass Council.

Today Oleg Menshikov is successfully removed in films, and his creative schedule in the theater is painted in a few weeks in advance. That's it he, the actor Oleg Menshikov, his biography is so full of events that please the admirers of the talent of the star.