Blue screen as a substitute for what we lack in life

Completely forgotten today, the leader of the world revolution once believed that "cinematography is one of the most important and important art forms." And, as it soon became clear, he was not at all mistaken. However, we do not go to cinemas so often, but in the whirlwind of the television world we tend to dive daily.

To the mind of psychologists, the magic of the blue screen is very deceptive and cunning: each of us sees on the screen what he lacks in real everyday life. And it would be nice to find out exactly what each of us lacks.

"Healing" by surrogate love

As the people say: "The series is different!". Young mothers do not "freeze" to the kitchen-pampers existence, so they tend to give preference to the so-called "prolonged" melodramatic series. They are very pleased to talk about their impressions of friends in the sandbox and together with them with great impatience expect a new series and the outcome of the storyline.

What gives? Mass abundance of telepaths filled the life with emotional diversity. Among other things, the plot of such serials is built around everyday topics - marriage, treason, divorce, children and up to a painful situation.

"Behind the scenes"? It happens that the fan of the series tries to try on her life a serial line of relations. And, as the rule, the dress does not look like it's not the heroine ... Here's to you as a result, and it's in real life!

"Friends" from various "Districts"

And the ladies who devote the lion's share of their personal life to work prefer less tearful, but more humorous series ("Melrose district", "Sex in the Big City"). A significant factor is that each series is a finished "small film": well, they do not have time to watch every day the development of the main characters' relationships in all nuances, they need a "large cutting" of the plot. Plus, these ladies love to see the interiors of houses, clothes, make-up and hairstyles of heroes.

What gives? Unobtrusive acquaintance with fashion trends. These series are an excellent implicit display of advertising fashionable brands. Also such serials act in the role of excellent relaxation.

"Behind the scenes"? In pursuit of another dress from the "Kevin Klein" you can easily go to the postholes of the sad fate of Ellochka the ogre, who, without result, tried to compete with the daughter of the millionaire Vanderbilt ...

"Clone" passions for "poorNast"

Developing a lot of today's far-off passions is in taste to the elderly or to low-income groups: the first and second are unlikely to ever break their ties with their "birthmarks".

What gives? So these people virtually realize their desire to "change places" and to get acquainted with the daily vicissitudes of everyday life. An interesting fact is that foreign pensioners who often travel instead of serials prefer documentary films, in which we are talking about exotic wanderings and wildlife.

"Behind the scenes"? Go from the "noble and beautiful" telemirir vseryye everyday life is sometimes very difficult and painful.

And an eternal fight - a massacre ...

Militants, as a rule, like either women who have a muscular structure, or "war friends" who, for their second half, are ready to watch films of this genre for days on end. By the way, it happens that such films are chosen by sex-dissatisfied women.

What gives? After watching the muscular "bad guys" sometimes there is something to be fantasized about in bed, both with your loved one and without him ...

"Behind the scenes"? If you once again see how athletic Statham "punishes" your enemies, then you should change something in your life. And most of all, it refers to a partner for sex.

"Elementary Watson!"

Possessors of theological mindset, who have a lot of free time, can not stand up to detective stories and serious dramatic movies. The target audience of this genre is women of the age, who, though not all, have many lives in their lives and who do not suffer from domestic and financial problems. Their preference is the quality not only of life, but also of cinema. For this reason, cardboard passivates on their face an indulgent smile, primitivism of victory alone, aliens - bewilderment and laughter.

What gives? As a rule, stability is not always a guarantee of happiness. It is for this reason that the whole routine of even a very highly organized life sometimes wants to be diluted with clever and beautiful chuzhih sufferings.

"Behind the scenes"? The virtual world does not want to be confused with the real. And even the best movie hero can not replace a real and mediocre satellite. Therefore, all the television stations should be left in the cinema life.

Art house error

Unsure of themselves ladies with constant claims to originality give preference to the house-house. Often they can not really explain their preferences and do not think anything at all about the cultural basis of what they saw, they would prefer to be penalized for their cinematographic preferences until they completely win.

What gives? The desire to be accepted into the "chosen circle", which forces them to suffer over very incomprehensible subjects.

"Behind the scenes"? Flour flour, and join the community of intellectuals oh how not easy: the internal culture will not be able to replace the usual maltreatment.

How much are the "rings" for the "orcs"?

Representatives of the weaker sex with a "twinkle" in the eyes, gnawed nails, in ethnic, long-wearing robes, actively searching for that very "knight" - the main part of the fans of fantasy.

What gives? This is comparable to the expensive cigar, which is circled in similar parties.

"Behind the scenes"? Approximately six months after such a movie, one can observe the complete victory of art over reason. Yes, and instead of the knight next to a person may be far from the ideal.

As Alexander of Macedon in the "Troy" drove

"Peplums" about the history and monumental biographies from the cinema ZhZL like, as a rule, boring and pedantic people who are accustomed to living according to their morals.

What gives? These people invisibly perceive their very visible gaps in school education, and the film masterpieces of such a plan can angrily and cheaply help to make up for lost time.

"Behind the scenes"? Constant attempts and concomitant desires to retell such a plot even to the best friend can earn a stable "turn from the gate".

"Telepresence" for life?

It is not necessary to be frightened at all, after all during our life all our film adaptations are easily modified. By the way, their sudden change can be a signal - is it all so calm in life? Or has it come time to change something?

Another odysnymptom of television implementation is the identity crisis. The skewed world of wandering in space and in time gives people the illusion of participation in life "as it is" while at the same time freeing from the risk combined with actual participation.