House number on feng shui

In feng shui, all figures have a certain meaning and meaning. Since in Russia there is a certain numbering system for both apartments and houses, we suggest that you talk about what your house number means feng shui. Can figures affect life, health, well-being? Oh sure. Feng Shui specialists say that every apartment or house is influenced by a particular figure.

How to determine the number under the influence of which your house is located? Very simple. It is necessary to add numbers to the house. In the event that the house number has letters, they must be translated into numbers (by the ordinal number in the alphabet), and then added to the house number. For example, house number sixty-four, building "A".

In the end, we get the following expression: six plus four plus one (the letter "A" in the alphabet is numbered 1) is eleven. And eleven is one plus one. That is two. So, the house comes with a vibration of two figures.

One digit

This apartment is directly under the influence of the Sun. It carries the energy of creativity, life, joy. If an apartment starts with a unit (or is under the vibration of a unit), it will promote self-expression, help open up creativity, manifest itself, and attract attention. It is in such an apartment (or house) that artists, artists and other creative people who are important to have their own position, to please others will live well. The same applies to poets, journalists, scientists. A house under the number one will allow them to be honest, sincerely to love life, to rejoice over it.

Number two

This apartment is under the direct influence of the Moon. As a rule, people living in such an apartment are well-developed intuition. These are teachers, educators, cooks, waiters. In other words, those people who work in public places and clean up the rivers (that is, souls). Musicians (especially the populists) will find inspiration here.

If you live in such an apartment, pay special attention to the mirrors, as well as the bathroom. The interior of the house on feng shui should be aged in milk or cream colors. You can also choose emerald color.

But people who are unbalanced and have mental illnesses, it is better not to live in such an apartment, otherwise illnesses can become aggravated. If, however, the attack happened, but he is not too serious, sit in the bathroom. Close the door, turn on the water, stay alone. This should calm you.

The figure is three

It is affected by Mars. This figure will require rapid decision-making, a constant manifestation of will. In the event that you will think very long, decisions will be made for you. The tenants of the apartment will want to work. And this work will be provided to them. For example, pipes or a roof will flow. Laziness will lead to serious illnesses, you may need surgical intervention. Diseases arise due to unspent energy.

Ideal for the design of the apartment is suitable red color. Try to avoid quarrels.

Figure four

It affects Mercury. You will be eloquent, since the four symbolizes a lot of contacts. A very big load will lie on the thinking ability and on the phone. It is in this apartment that you will feel like a dispatcher, and bitter loneliness will never be threatened. Try not to deceive people and not to mislead them, for deception will reveal itself.

For such an apartment, a combination of yellow with blue, gray and blue is suitable. Especially popular in the apartment will be a TV and a computer. You will often be visited by a strong desire to go on a long trip or just walk around the house.

Number five

It is under the strong patronage of Jupiter. In such an apartment you can create a spacious home library. It's generally good to expand the space, at least visually. Politicians will live well here, as well as those who are engaged in science. The hosts will seek to travel, learn new things.

The ideal color of the apartment is purple. Ornaments are telescopes and globes. Good things come from far away. Try not to get angry, it will lead to irreversible serious consequences.

Figure six

The apartment falls under the protection of Venus. Immediately say that this place is simply created for love. Large companies will often gather here to have fun. The hosts are good people, with good taste. They know how to make a home cozy. Very fond of cooking.

In the interior of the house must prevail soft furniture, as well as fluffy carpets. Brown or solid shades are suitable. Here, a cat or a dog will get along. In such an apartment, plants feel great. Tenants often pulls out into the woods or on a picnic.

Figure seven

Here dominates Saturn. This is not life, but a serious test. You will be tormented by cold, stuffiness, hunger, trouble. But it is here that you can master any profession or skill. When a person living in this apartment does not have a need to retire, diseases of the joints and spine begin.

A good color for such a room is blue. In this house it is good to do yoga, relaxation. Therapeutic starvation.

Figure eight

The apartment is under the influence of Uranus. In it, people will feel freedom. They often come to mutual help friends, like surprises. The apartment is suitable for warm friendly meetings, new acquaintances. It's good to think about new things, to invent something. It is in this apartment will be comfortable for astrologers and clairvoyants. As for the materialists, it is not life for them here. All plans will be constantly collapsing. The windows in such a house should be clean, take care when using electrical appliances.

Number nine

The apartment is heavily influenced by Neptune. This is not an easy place. If you are not an oilman, a priest or a psychic, you are in trouble. It is quite possible the appearance of dependence on alcohol or nicotine. Often the right things literally evaporate, they are hard to find. Residents suffer from insomnia, mental disorders. Be careful with poisons and harmful substances.