Evelina Bledans mocked Anastasia Volochkova, photo

Anastasia Volochkova does not have too many subscribers to Instagram, but the name of the former prima of the Bolshoi Theater appears regularly in the scandalous chronicle. "What are only the twine stars that she is ready to do at any time and anywhere. 😂

A lot of those who do not mind popiaritsya on behalf of Volochkova. So, last March, a very ugly story happened on Oksana Pushkina's program, when the presenter literally brought the ballerina to a nervous breakdown.

So today Anastasia Volochkova unexpectedly turned out to be the object of ridicule in the Instagram of Evelina Bledans.

Joke Bledans about the horse and Volochkov caused a scandal in Instagram

Last weekend, Evelina Bledans was on a visit to Anastasia Volochkova. Actresses cute talked and even celebrated the meeting on the veranda of the luxurious mansion of a ballerina.

Recently Volochkova was carried away by horses. From time to time in her microblog there are photos from the equestrian club.

It is unlikely that Volochkova, taking in her house Evelina Bledans, expected from her friend such perfidy ... The actress last night placed in her Instagram photo with Anastasia made near the stables. The picture was briefly signed:
With a horse

After some time, Evelina Bledans decided to soften the signature, editing it and adding hashtags:
We with the horse. # blanching # dragging # horse

But even this refinement did not affect the HYIP, which immediately began in the comments. Fallovers did not miss the opportunity to make fun of Anastasia Volochkova:
petrovah A horse against the background of you and the horse is beautiful .....
kseni_zhivaeva A horse can barely see and then, in one photo))) did not chillo so podstebnula
irishakondr since the morning was a swan, in the evening became a horse?! 😂😂😂😂
kris_tina_chudova I noticed the horse only after I wiped away the tears 😂😂😂😂😂 aaaaa
At the same time, many did not appreciate the harsh joke about Anastasia Volochkova, accusing Bledans of wanting to pooch at the expense of the ballerina:
calfa_ Itself is not straight mare, aha
eva.antis Straight somehow spins from the scabbard and the game on the ambiguity of the phrase .... and so I suppose in the gums kiss ... russian showbusiness russian
irinamoskvicheva007 Why so offend a friend? Not good.
pokusala How unpleasant. Yes, it's safe to beat a recumbent. You darling on Ernst or Dobrodeev. And then Ernst is full, full. You take a picture with him and what kind of signature is an ambiguous one. And we'll laugh.