Fashion for Miniature Women

Almost every woman thinks that her figure is imperfect and full of flaws. And she, of course, tries to hide them in every possible way. But would not it be better to emphasize the existing virtues of your figure? This can easily be done with the help of properly selected clothes. In this article we will talk about how to choose the clothes for a miniature woman.

Every low woman would like to look taller, more slender, more elegant. Just like every brunette would like to be a blonde. But there is no reason to believe that tall women are sexier and more attractive than miniature women. Any tiny girl can very well be spectacular and desirable.

Fundamental rules

To understand what clothes help a miniature woman to make the proportions of her body ideal, you need to know certain rules. For example, clothing with vertical stripes visually make a low woman higher. This, of course, does not mean that she should wear only striped dresses, T-shirts and sweaters. Visually stretch the silhouette can not only vertical stripes, but also vertical rows of buttons, stitches and even simple vertical zippers. The choice of such fashion models is very large. You can always choose the one that is more suitable for you.

Things with a V-neck should be an integral part of your wardrobe, if you are short. Triangular decollete can advantageously lengthen your silhouette and emphasize your breasts. But this does not mean that a miniature woman can not wear things with others - round or square cutouts. They can be combined with long ornaments, pulling out the silhouette.

Another important rule is the choice of clothes of dark colors. However, one should not think that clothes with a brighter pattern do not suit small women. Observing the measure, you can wear any clothes. When choosing clothes with a pattern, pay attention to its size. If the picture is larger than your fist, then you can safely wear such dresses or sweaters. They will look at you harmoniously. If the size of the picture exceeds the size of your fist, then refuse to purchase such a thing.

Do not hide your legs from prying eyes. Miniature women do not have to constantly wear long skirts to the floor. This does not make them higher, but just lands them with an already low growth. For you, skirts to the knee or even a mini will be ideal. The more there are open areas on your body (only within reason), the higher you will seem.

Outer clothing should be with longer sleeves. This will make your hands a little more refined, visually extending them. But do not overdo it. Too long sleeve will turn your image not into subtle, but funny. If the long sleeve hinders you, then it's better to give it up altogether. First of all, clothes should be comfortable.

A bit about shoes

Properly selected clothes - that's not all. We must not forget how much the footwear means in creating the image. The main rule for a miniature woman is the presence of a heel. However, there are other acceptable options. Choosing shoes, it is better to give shoes with sharp, not too long noses. Sandals or shoes with open noses are quite suitable. Choosing boots, special attention should be given to their height. For an average woman, the average height of the boots is appropriate. Since low boots visually make your legs shorter, and too high will not always be appropriate.

Choosing clothes by type of figure

As a rule, among the small growth of women, there are three main types of figures: straight, curved and canonical outlines. A woman with a figure of the type of straight outlines will suit the clothes of straight silhouettes and styles. Thin women with such a figure can afford to wear a shirt, tucked into a skirt or trousers, as well as a blouse with a thin girdle.

On a woman with a figure of canonical outlines, more fitting clothes will look great. There will also be relevant not only thin, but wide straps, freely hanging on the hips.

Women with a figure of the type of curved outlines also fit suited clothes. They can easily wear straight jackets, it's better if they are unbuttoned. This will allow a woman to show her thin waist.

To always look fashionable and effective, you need, in addition to following the rules, to love yourself and your appearance. After all, she makes a miniature woman unique. Different from many, most-most, the dream of any man.