Fashionable women's raincoats Spring 2016: current trends and models

Cloaks are not the first season are among the most popular spring clothes. This year, eminent fashion designers again bet on this practical and convenient attribute of the women's wardrobe, so popular in the 70's. True, the appearance of new materials and a shift in emphasis in the aesthetic perception of outerwear significantly influenced the design decisions and they slightly upgraded even the classic models of raincoats. So what kind of women's raincoats will be popular in 2016? Among the main fashion trends can be identified several areas.

Fashionable spring coats 2016: an overview of the most current models

In the spring of 2016, classic cloaks with a direct silhouette and overhead or slotted pockets secured the first place in popularity. Do not give them up-to-date and trench coats with epaulettes, a cut from the back and buttons in 2 rows. The fashion designers did not change the feminine silhouette, so they offer to wear a classic raincoat exclusively with a belt that emphasizes the waist. Actual spring image can be created by combining a classic raincoat with fashionable boots of this season, stockings, shoes and ankle boots on high square heels.

Cloak female spring 2016

What raincoats are in fashion in the spring of 2016, photo

Leather coats spring 2016 - women's photo

Such popular in the past seasons, raincoats and ponchos this spring will recede into the background and give way to their fashionable positions unpretentious and more practical models - raincoats. These unpretentious cloaks of loose form with wide sleeves like not one other model are suitable for the changeable spring weather. They reliably protect against wind and rain, and in sunny weather can serve as an original accent in the image. This season the designers have perfected the raincoat-raincoat and now even outwardly this model looks more feminine and elegant.

Women's raincoats Spring 2016: fashion materials, colors and prints

A capricious spring except for a light raincoat or a raincoat, it is useful to have a couple of warmer options in the wardrobe. This season, you can easily acquire a cloak of leather, suede or synthetic materials, for example, polyester. Well if the model you choose is a fur-lined or equipped with an inner layer of holofayber. Fashionable will be cloaks of dense denim and quilted fabrics.

Indisputable favorites of 2016 will be cloaks of a natural color palette. Actual will be as dark shades (black, gray, dark red, brown), and bright colors (yellow, red, green, blue, orange). Also, the designers presented many cloaks of light colors: white, beige, light gray, etc.

As for prints, in the spring of 2016 models with geometric and floral prints will still be very popular. Cage and peas are also among the spring trends this year. Presented in fashion collections are women's raincoats with animal prints, for example, imitating snake skin or the color of a leopard.