Fears of the bride before the wedding

You have waited a long time for the appearance of this man in your life ... And now you, together, are engaged, your parents are happy and happy for you, ahead of the most joyful and long-awaited day in the life of every girl, but in your soul you have anxiety, a lot of different thoughts and fears. What does the girl think about before the wedding, and what pictures scroll in her head?

The fear of the correctness of your choice
This fear is visited by every bride. If you have waited a long time for your soul mate and love your chosen one, there is nothing to be afraid of, he is chosen or not, ideals, as you know, do not exist, because every person is what he is and that is beautiful, the fact that you have already met him on his way is not accidental . But marriage, of course, should not be a burden, it should please, bring together, make people smarter, wiser, learn to make compromises. In any case, it is better to marry than to be afraid to make this step all your life and never get to know the joy of family life and motherhood. Your doubts are not worth your nerves. "The wolves are afraid - do not go to the forest."

Fear of family life and loss of individuality
Before you say "YES", think about whether you are ready to spend all your life with the same person, to survive with nimradosti and possibly deprivation, because marriage is not always calm. People are tested in stress situations, the ability to get out of all sorts of problems. Do not fuss over trifles, the person you chose as your spouse is your close friend, who can always find a compromise. At the first time, people get attached to each other, they like similarity with each other, but they understand that the individuality of each of them disappears, which can be a serious problem in relations, so it is important to cooperate with each other, to recognize each other. It seems that this is very easy only at first glance. All people are different, the same people do not exist, but this is a plus, you are individual. In order not to lose your individuality even after marriage, do not stop loving and doing what you loved to do before, hobbies and hobbies should not "because of marriage" disappear from your life, you make your life as interesting as you want. After all, your chosen one loved you for who you are, so be always interested in him with all your individuality.

Fear of loss of reciprocity of feelings
This idea also takes place in every girl before marriage. It is necessary to recognize that what to do is to be undone, no matter how scary it may sound, but the very fear of being afraid of losing love means that you love. The extent to which the relationship of newlyweds after weddings will last depends on the newlyweds themselves. Marriage is a constant, painstaking work on your relationships, which you can not let down on your own. Spouses need to be sincere with each other, do not lie and do not deceive each other, take care of and love each other.

So, the fear of what is theoretically possible is stupid. Take care of your feelings, if you really need them and there are, take care, do each other's prizes, do crazy things, in general, rejoice at the moments of a happy marriage. But the main thing is to marry for love.

Fear of betrayal of a loved one
Such thoughts very often visit the girls' heads. Here it is important not to warm up and develop this fear in your head, because the consequence of this is irritability, reproaches, stress, misunderstanding, scandals, which can encourage this treason. You need to be wiser. Most often, spouses will go to treason, when they meet in their relationships misunderstanding, indifference, a sense of inadequacy and are looking for it all on the side and find it. It is important to trust, listen and hear each other. Remember how you met each other, for that love, does the seal in your passport radically change your life and divide it into "before" and "after", the relationship of the spouses after marriage does not change, only your status will change.

Do not let your partner cheat on you, even in your thoughts. All in your power.

Do not allow it to be, plan your way of life and rest time. Having made life easier for yourself, the latest achievements in technology, find the time and get out of the house as often as possible.

Thoughts about the preparation for the wedding . This is perhaps the most exciting period for the girl. She is worried about everything - from the color of the fabric of the tablecloth to the leader of the movement. As a rule, most of the preparation for the wedding takes on a bride.

So, in order for this period to become the most important event in your life, become misusuite and lead to panic, it is important to draw up a plan and discuss the obligations of each to prepare for this day. Divide the tasks among themselves, the groom, parents and close friends who are ready to help you. The plan will help you to correctly allocate time, besides the list should always be uvass at your fingertips, in order to constantly supplement and change. Describe all the cases of primacy, to coordinate the whole process was easier.

Completely panic and stress, of course, can not be avoided - for that she and the wedding, I want everything to go perfectly, it's an important day, but soon everything will be behind, you will become husband and wife and will remember all the troubles with a smile. The most important thing is that next to a close and dear person who loves you very much!