Foot massage for relaxation and health improvement

Massage of the feet combines the removal of fatigue, lifting the tone of not only the muscles of the legs, but the whole body. In addition, foot massage for relaxation and healthy body is a great pleasure. On the legs there are a large number of zones and points, the impact on which affects the condition of internal organs, strengthens them, promotes correction of metabolism in the body and preserves the youth and beauty of the whole body.

Benefits from the massage of the feet and feet.

There is a difference between massage of the legs and other parts of the body. It consists in a beneficial effect on the whole body through a massage of the feet and legs. After all, it is on the feet of concentrated in a large number of reflex points associated with the vertebral column. When exposed to these points, the effect of relieving pain in the spine, lower back, affecting the gums, teeth, nasal sinuses, as well as on the ears and eyes. On the feet are concentrated active points, influencing which, you can achieve health improvement: improve health, mood and increase the tone of internal organs.

The procedure of foot massage at home .

At home, you can apply simple techniques of foot massage. To exclude the emphasis of the knuckles of the toes in the floor, when massage is to be placed under the knee part of the roller, pillow or rolled into a roll of plaid. Along with the technique of carrying out the massage, attention should be paid to the situation in order to feel comfort. The temperature should be normal, so that your feet do not freeze during the massage. A pleasant aroma of essential oil will help to spend more massage for relaxation. Heated creams will provide relief of pain and heaviness in the legs.

Begin the massage with rubbing the phalanges of the fingers and palms of the foot, then go separately to each finger. After warming up the foot, massage should be started with circular movements of the thumb. Great efforts will require places with coarser skin, especially the heel areas. Then the shin and the Achilles part of the foot are massaged. The movements remain circular and rubbing. When going to the top of the legs, do not massage the inner part of the knee joint, as it is possible to damage the blood vessels close to the surface. Buttocks are given special attention - muscle relaxation and improved blood flow can be achieved even by simple patting.

Self-healing massage.

Features of massage techniques in different cultures differ among themselves. For example, Thai massage is based on increasing energy inflow to tissues and organs, improving both the physical and psycho-emotional state of the body. In India, masseurs work on reflexogenic zones, and Chinese massage masters press their fingers to stimulate biologically active points. In Russia, a classical massage is practiced, the technique of which was developed by outstanding scientists: Ostroumov, Bekhterev, Botkin and others.

In the past centuries in Russia whipped each other with brooms in a bath, using them for massage. Did not ignore the bath and in ancient Egypt and the East. In Ancient Rome went further - special schools were created for teaching massage techniques.

One of the types of foot massage is walking barefoot on pebbles or mown grass. It's pretty nice and healthy. In winter, such walking can be replaced by stepping from foot to foot in a box filled with small smooth pebbles, peas or beans for 10 minutes. You can also apply a massage of one leg to the other - this is very good for bruises, sprains and even flat feet.

A special mat for the bathroom or a massager with wheels will also help stimulate the active zones on the feet, lift the mood and overall tone of the body.

A modern design - a whirlpool bath - a wonderful massager. Thanks to air bubbles, relaxed muscles, veins relax, soothing effect for the whole organism is achieved. You can act on the active points of the sole using a stream of water from the hose.

Massage in the salons.

A variety of techniques and techniques of massage are certainly included in the list of services of all kinds of beauty salons. After several sessions, effective results of classical, Thai, oriental techniques are achieved - an increase in tone, a better mood and overall well-being are guaranteed.