Growing and caring for a monster at home

Care and reproduction of the house. Councils and recommendations.
Monstera is not only a stylish decoration of your home, bringing the atmosphere of the rainforest into your home. This is also a great way to moisten the air in the house and saturate it with ozone and oxygen. With proper care, an adult monster can reach one and a half meters in height and fit perfectly in the living room, kitchen or bedroom.

This plant is from the genus of large tropical lianas with cut leaves of a saturated green color. Homeland monsters - tropical forests of South America and Africa. In the XVIII century, this plant becomes a popular addition to the interior in the homes of wealthy people in Europe. What is surprising, the monster is able to anticipate the weather. Literally the day before the torrential rain on its leaves you can see small drops of adhesive fluid. Once a year it blooms with large white flowers, like callas.

Reproduction of monsters

The reproduction of this liana is very specific. After it reaches 30 cm in height, its roots begin to grow air roots. And in order to multiply the monster you should put one of the rhizomes in a small bag with moist peat soil, then tie the bag to the trunk. If the air root almost touches the surface on which there is a pot of plant, it will be easier to simply place a container of water under this root. The same applies to those cases where the weight of the baby trunk breaks and thus the hotel plant is obtained.

In this position, the rhizome is left for 5-7 days, after which we gently cut off the young baby from the stem.

Care monster at home

Since this plant comes from the tropics, accordingly, it likes warmth and moisture. The optimum room temperature is 17-20 degrees, the higher the indices on a room thermometer, the more it grows. But since, the monster is like the kind of lianas, the main trunk of her will be flexible and unstable. Therefore, the adult plant should be tied to a support, about a meter in size.

Water it twice a week, in the winter it will be enough once. Too it is not necessary to fill with water, since the decay process can begin. It is important to maintain artificial humidity around the plant, so try to spray water around it more often. Do not put the pot with it under the direct rays of the sun - it's fraught with drying.

Also, pay special attention to the condition of the leaves. The fact is that the monster is susceptible to all sorts of diseases. The most common of these is the sooty mushroom, which affects the root system and leaves. This mold is characterized by black and brown spots on the leaves.

How to transplant a monster?

If the plant is young (up to 3 years), it is transplanted every year in the spring. If the adult - every two years. The soil for transplantation should consist of a mixture of peat and turf soil. A third of the sand should be part of the soil, which will function as a drain. The monster feels best in deep pots with a large diameter.

In order to keep such beauty at home, nothing supernatural is needed. Just regularly saturate this beautiful plant with water, more often inspect the leaves, and once a year or two, change the pot. Constant care for the plant guarantees a return from it in the form of long life in your home.