Garden extravaganza: flower manicure - a new nyl-trend

Flower bouquet - what can be more natural for a spring manicure? After the winter season with its laconic jacket and monophonic coatings, I would like a carnival riot of colors and multicolored patterns. Masters of nail aesthetics offer as an inspiration to turn to garden themes - this spring bright poppies, tender roses, mysterious violets and artless chamomiles will squeeze the usual nail designs. Flight of inspiration is welcomed - flowers can be naturalistic and fantasy, made of acrylic, gel or beads, proudly flaunt on every nail or decorate only one. The main rule is bright colors and non-standard performance.

Flower design and want to complement the various decorative elements. And it's worth it - the beauty of elegant buds is easy to emphasize with lace painting, contrasting thermo-stickers, metallic scotch tape, nyl-powder or glitter. The best materials for such a nail art are gel-lacquers. The durability of the gel coating will ensure the perfect manicure for a couple of weeks, and the glossy finish will add expressiveness to the pattern.

Delicate floral print softens the eccentric shape of nail styles

Elegant roses on a turquoise background - great solution for a spring nail art

Colorful poppies and forget-me-nots - for fans of bright accents

"Flower" manicure in the style of feng shui - a universal version of everyday nail art