How easy is it to quit smoking?

If you recall the story, smoking tobacco has always provoked violent reactions in society. At first smoking pipe or cigars was equated with sacrilege and strictly forbidden by the church, then cigarettes became a symbol of masculinity and passion. From the TV screens and from the pages of the magazines, we were looked at for years by men and women who smoked cigarettes in their hands. Whole generations grew up advertising cigarettes for people of different ages, gender and even social status. And only at the end of the 20th century doctors sounded the alarm - smoking was harmful. Millions of people around the world would like to get rid of this bad habit, but this may not be all. In fact, everyone can quit.

Why is smoking harmful?

Everyone knows that cigarettes contain nicotine, tar and other substances that provoke the development and growth of tumors, causing the lungs, throat and mouth. Smoking is harmful to future mothers, since it affects not only the fetus itself, but also its genetics, condemning many subsequent generations of children to illness.
Smoking leads to early aging - wrinkles appear around the lips, which can easily be distinguished by an inveterate smoker. Besides. Smoking affects the condition of the teeth, the nervous system and the entire body as a whole, it can cause many diseases that are not directly related to smoking, but under certain circumstances, the quality of life is significantly reduced.

Smoking, contrary to all opinions, does not help us relax or relieve stress. This habit simply inhibits the reactions of the nervous system to stimuli, and this does not bring good. Smoking does not help us stay more slender, otherwise all fat people would lose weight with the help of cigarettes. This habit causes many metabolic processes in the body to change, disrupting the work of internal organs, but this is not immediately noticeable. When a person feels the negative consequences of such a predilection, usually the habit is already so strong that it is not easy to cope with it.

What are the consequences for those who quit smoking?

It is said that those who stop smoking become nervous and quickly grow fat, that they can not concentrate and are forced to replace one habit with another in order to calm down and feel comfortable. These are big myths that are created and aimed at ensuring that the huge cigarette manufacturing industry does not lose its customers. Now more and more people refuse to believe in such tales, and that's what they found out.

Nicotine dependence is not much different from any other drug addiction. If we talk about nervousness, then it can be present, but this is not an obligatory phenomenon, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the person. In any case, irritability and mood decline is explained by the restructuring of the nervous system, quickly passes. During this period, natural sedatives such as valerian tablets help.
Excess weight may appear for a while, because after quitting smoking, appetite increases and normalization of metabolic processes occurs in the body. But if you go in for sports, lead an active lifestyle, follow a diet and do not overeat, you will not be overweight.
Cigarettes do not help our brain activity, but rather block some parts of the brain, slowing down thinking. Therefore, quitting smoking does not lead to distraction.

How to quit smoking?

There are thousands of recipes, everyone who has gone through it will have their own. But the world experience of doctors and those people who forever abandoned this habit, can be combined into a few simple tips.
First, do not stretch the pleasure, reducing the dose of nicotine. So you never quit smoking or tighten this process for years, causing irreparable harm to health. Throw at once, as soon as you feel that you are ready to fight with a bad habit.

Secondly, do not replace cigarettes with a hookah or pipe. This will not help to stop smoking, but will only create the illusion of quitting smoking, but in fact, a bad habit has not gone anywhere. Many scientists consider smoking a pipe or hookah even more harmful, as the lungs receive more hot air and more carcinogens.

Smoking is not treated. Using pills or using patches that inject a dose of nicotine into the body, you are not treated for a bad habit, but indulge it. In the world, millions of people were able to overcome themselves, you can, and for this you do not need to use "crutches". Cure of this predilection is possible only with the help of his willpower.

Everyone who decided to give up smoking should know that every day, lived without cigarettes, will bring it closer by the time when any signs of dependence disappear. In a month or even earlier you will feel that you have become sharper in distinguishing smells, feel better, are less prone to the effects of weather conditions, breathe deeper and easier. In a year your lungs will be cleared of tobacco, and you will become a healthy person, unless, of course, smoking has not had time to cause irreparable harm to health. This should be the main stimulus for quitting smoking - the opportunity to be free from addiction and a chance to live a long life as a healthy person.