How to believe in love

All the girls from childhood dream of true love and beautiful princes. But unfortunately, the real world very often destroys these dreams. And in the end, women cease to believe in princes, fairy tales, and love. But as you know, all our thoughts and feelings materialize. Therefore, if you do not believe in love, then, most likely, never to meet it. So what to do and how to believe in love?

Many girls try to watch romantic movies, which is just happening in the frame for some reason instead of making them believe vromantiku, just annoying. In this there is nothing surprising, after all, the bigger the romance film, the less realistic it looks, and the characters are too stereotyped. Therefore, in order to believe in love, you do not need to look for something in the fantasy world. It is necessary to see in love in the real world.

Do not compare with ideals

Every girl has her own ideal of a man. And we are not talking about the fictional stories from books and films, but about real people. It can be a brother, a father, a grandfather, an uncle, a best friend. In general, the man you trust, the one you love, think the best, and so on. It is with this guy and girls start to compare all other men. And several times disappointed in the guys, the fair sex simply begin to believe that such good as their close person simply does not exist, so it's better to be one already. Especially, when you are already in love, even if not quite in the form that you want.

In this case, the female error lies in the fact that we begin to realize our loved ones and look for other people's flaws in others. It's no secret for anyone that all people have their own merits and demerits. But for some reason we do not want to notice them vnashih native, but in strangers we see kazhdymyloch. Such pickiness arises after the women fall into the hands of the people who break their hearts, behave unworthily and so on. In fact, such a search for shortcomings in every member of the stronger sex is a kind of post-traumatic stress after unhappy love. And this must be fought. Av wrestling can help elementary logic. Every time you find a minus sign, compare it with the minuses of your brother (father, uncle, friend). Would you forgive your loved one for this minus? If so, then the potential young man is not so bad. For example, you see that the guy is silent. You immediately begin to think that he simply does not care that he is stupid, uninteresting and you have nothing to do with him. But if your brother does not like to talk, then in this case you remind yourself that in such a way, and even if he is silent, he loves you, it is simply expressed otherwise. Simply put, you give some kind of indulgence to a close person, and on the contrary, immediately condemn the stranger. Although you do not know him at all.

Recognize the people

By the way, another problem for those women who can not believe in love is that they simply do not want to know people. Aved first opinion is often very deceptive. That's why, estimating a young man literally in the first five minutes, a woman decides that he has nothing to do with him and ceases to see him in his potential boyfriend. Such a desire to quickly evaluate everything due to the fact that girls are afraid to get closer. Many women, starting to delve into the soul of a young man, become attached to it, finding in it, they think, something special. And then it turns out that theyve invented it themselves. And in order not to step on the same rake, ladies generally do not try to learn the soul of a man. You can not do this categorically, because if you constantly repulse everyone, then you will never see the person who probably already loves you, but can not say this, seeing how you endure to all the male representatives.

In order to again learn to approach people, just find a middle ground for yourself. Being cautious in a relationship and giving up completely is completely different. Therefore, if you want to re-believe in love, then try to believe in people a little. Communicating with men, stop in them to seek out something good or something bad. Take care of everything, relying only on common sense. If a man does something, says something, makes a certain choice, just watch and analyze. Analyze, and do not miss through yourself, filling every action with your emotions. Then you can clearly understand what kind of people it is to expect from it. Just do not have to judge a person by first glance. Even if he came drunk and untidy, this does not mean that the person behaves this way all the time. Or maybe he got drunk for the first time in his life because of the injection of a serious life tragedy. You do not know this and will never know if you immediately push it away.

Know your love

In order to believe in love, you need to see it. Many, disappointed in their feelings, cease to see love between others. And this is wrong. Still, there is love. Yes, it brings to people and frustration, and pain, but there is also true love that makes you smile and really enjoy life. But if the woman is disappointed, then she is ready to criticize each pair, and more precisely the male half and find a bunch of shortcomings in the behavior of men. You do not need to tread. In fact, among your friends or relatives there will always be people who really love each other and are ready to give their lives for their half. That's just not necessary to idealize this love and consider that such a pair never has problems. Think for yourself, you are quarreling about being out of time with family and friends that you love the most. And not because they suddenly stopped loving, but because each of us is an individual, sosvoimi views and thoughts, because of which a clash of interests may occur. Therefore, remember that loving people also quarrel and swear that they have difficult periods, just true love is really all-winning. And this love is seen, seen in the way people look at each other. No matter how time passes, their eyes still burn. And they never desire to change each other, to find someone better. Because they are best for each other. Moreover, this does not mean to be the best for everyone else.

True love exists in this world. There are just a lot of disappointed people who start behaving with others as they did with them. That is why gradually in the world there is less happiness and more and more disappointment. And if you replenish the ranks of such people, then no one will be better off. Therefore, at least allow yourself to love yourself, push people out. And if you really love for real, then you can not long resist this feeling and fall in love with the person who makes you absolutely happy.