How to clean a suede bag at home?

How to clean a suede bag: tips and tricks.
Suede bag looks very nice and elegant. However, not to spoil all the elegance of the image, you need proper care for it, because the scrapes and dirt look terrible. Care for suede is quite specific. Incorrect treatment and just one unsuccessful cleaning can lead to a thing completely unfit for use. If you recently got a suede bag, our advice will be very helpful.

How to clean a suede bag from dirt?

Most often on things you can find specks of dirt or dust. A special brush for suede will help you cope with them. Also you will need a sponge and a special remedy to be purchased at the store. The brush should be rubber, it perfectly removes dirt and combs the pile.

If you have a few suede things of different colors, do not use the same brush for cleaning them, it is better if there are several.

But the brush serves to remove serious stains. For daily use it is better to use a soft sponge. It perfectly copes with dust and protects the material from moisture. After each cleaning, be sure to cover the bag with a special spray, it's better to use colorless or to get funds of different colors for each suede product in your wardrobe.

If there are spots on your bag that the brush does not cope with, or the sponge should be used more radical ways. Suede can be washed, so prepare a warm, soapy solution and gently wipe it. However, be careful, the material should not absorb water. After this, hang on the hanger and allow the bag to dry.

What if the stains do not get erased?

There are several excellent ways, long known to many housewives. They allow you to overcome even the most severe pollution.

  1. The first of them involves the use of tooth powder. To remove the stain, sprinkle it with powder and leave for a while. Take a soft toothbrush and gently rub the stain. Use a sponge to remove the powder residue from the thing.
  2. Equally effective is a mixture of milk and soda. To make it, take one glass of milk and one teaspoon of soda. Milk pre-heat a little. Moisten the sponge in this solution and wipe it with a stain.
  3. Heat the water in the pan, take the purse and hold it over the steam. It is important that the steam falls mainly on the stain. After that, take the brush and start brushing it off.

A few more effective ways

Quite often in the folds of a suede handbag, dust is collected. Not always it can simply be shaken off, in some cases it leaves dirty stains on the surface and even leads to the fact that suede starts to shine. To prevent this from happening, take a fine-grained sandpaper, it's best to zero in and gently rub the soiled areas.

If you are together with a bag caught in heavy rain, remember, it will have to "reactivate" it operatively. First of all, wipe the bag with a dry cloth. After that, hang on the hanger to dry. Carefully spread out so that the material does not bend during drying.

Do not dry the suede bag on the battery. Do this away from any heat sources. It is best to hang it on the balcony.

After the bag has dried, examine it. If after the rain there are some stains, get rid of them, using one of the methods we proposed.

How to clean a suede bag - video