How to decorate a valentine with your own hands

Every year, Valentine's Day reminds millions of people how important it is to talk to each other about their feelings. In the bustle of everyday life, we so often forget about it! On February 14 a small valentine in the form of a heart becomes the embodiment of love and affection for our family and friends. It is especially nice to receive a homemade card as a gift.

Traditional greeting card for Valentine's Day

Tradition to exchange paper valentines appeared with the light hand of Europeans in the XV century. Lovers gave each other homemade "hearts", signed with colored ink. Some specimens from the past can still be seen in one of the museums in Britain. And although today it's easy to buy a ready postcard, many people try to surprise a loved one with a Valentine's card made by themselves.

Create a valentine is not difficult: cut out of a red cardboard a small heart, on which you can fit a few lines of a love message. The traditional size of the valentine is slightly less than the palm of an adult. Color, by the way, is not forbidden to choose at your discretion: pink, purple, juicy-green. The more original the postcard looks, the better!

Cardboard heart can be single or double. To make a double postcard, fold the cardboard in half and, starting from the fold line, draw a heart. Mirror parts of the postcard must be connected on one side, so do not cut the cardboard completely. The message can decorate the inside of one half. Here's what a Valentine's video has turned out:

We decorate the valentine

The whole value of a greeting card is in its content, where you open your feelings to an expensive person. But, if you are not too lazy and put your soul into this piece of paper, you will certainly be reciprocated! To do this, make and decorate your valentine with your own hands. The following video demonstrates how easy and exciting it is.

The material for "open-source" creativity can be anything: beautiful buttons, coffee beans, yarn and even dough.

Valentine made of fabric

Even if you have only the most primitive sewing skills, in order to sew a valentine from bright shreds and "dress" it in lovely ribbons and beads, you will no doubt cope. You can also make a bright applique on the soft product or decorate it with lace around the edges. To make a valentine more practical, sew a loop for the keychain in its hollow, and then the second half will remember you whenever you pick up the keys to the apartment.

Postcard in the technique of "scrapbooking"

Very elegant and filigree cards are obtained for the Day of all lovers, made in the technique of needlework "scrapbooking" (a collage of cut photos, pictures) and "quilling" (a composition of twisted paper).

A set with materials for work can be bought in the store for creativity. The decoration of the postcard does not take you much time, but the ready-made unusual Valentine will give a lot of positive impressions to the one who gets it. How to handle paper to create a real masterpiece, the video will tell:

Soap in the form of a heart

A practical and unusual gift for Valentine's Day will be a soap in the form of a heart, cooked by your hands. If you are fond of creating environmentally friendly cosmetic and hygienic means, then with pleasure you will experiment with a combination of shade and smell. Spicy flavor of cinnamon and a rich coffee color, for example, better than any words will tell a person what kind feelings you have for him.

Edible valentine

Delicious cake, cake or cookies in the form of valentines will definitely appreciate the sweet tooth. Recipe for the test choose the easiest, and the main emphasis will be on the design of the culinary product. Edible valentine "dress up" glaze, marzipan figurines, candied fruits, sprinkles of pastel shades. Lay out the original festive treat for a large dish, and it will be a wonderful addition to a festive romantic dinner.

We celebrate Valentine's Day relatively recently, but this did not stop us from inventing a huge number of beautiful ways to express our love. Even if you have never made anything with your own hands, discard doubts and experiment: put a piece of the soul in your creation and your efforts will certainly be appreciated!