How to forget the love of a married man

In our time, it may seem unbelievable to some people that most women avoid situations in which they can have a love for a married man. Nevertheless, this is so.

Despite the sexual revolutions, or the bacchanalia of manners on television and in the press, despite the seeming weakening of the authority of the family, most women, like men, try to avoid love triangles. In this it comes to the aid of simple common sense.

Love triangles - the systems themselves are unstable. Especially if they involve married men. As a rule, they disintegrate fairly quickly after they arise. Of course, there are situations where a triple alliance exists for years, but in most cases the betrayal of the spouse becomes that critical moment in the life of the family, which leads to a serious reassessment of values. The family either disintegrates, which happens more often, or the man stops his connections on the side, which happens less often. As a rule, the trigger mechanism for the disintegration of a triangle becomes the discovery of the legal wife of an adultery. And only a small part of all the novels with married can last for years.

And still, there are situations when all three know about the triangle, but they are silent. For decades, there may be a struggle for a man in which there is no loser and a woman who has won. There is only one winner - the man himself. No wonder it is believed that the most effective way to destroy the love triangle is the initiative of the one who is in it in the singular. In the situation of a novel with a married man, usually only the man himself is able to make a choice and end the relationship "for three".

The longer you exist within the relationship with a married man, the harder it will be for you to forget the love for such a person. After all, a connection with a married man destroys a woman's self-esteem so much that getting out of a relationship with him is all the more difficult the longer they last. And yet it's worth it! If you are thinking about how to forget the love of a married man, you should know several basic principles on which to build relationships with him.

The first thing you need to understand is that not every woman can experience the love of a married man. You should analyze your past, relationships in the family of parents. It is likely that the word "love" is associated with you with the words "chaos," "humiliation," "pain." In this case, you unconsciously can search all life for problematic men, including married men, because relations with them will help you reproduce the emotional atmosphere of the parent's home. Habitual - does not mean good, and from bad habits it is necessary to get rid. To have the opportunity to forget the love of a man with a wedding ring on his finger, you need to find the strength and courage to deal with the burden of the past. The more complex and confusing the relationship between your parents among themselves, the more meaningful it will be to turn to a professional psychologist to resolve this issue.

The second thing that every woman who thinks about how to forget the love of a married man should know, these are ways to increase self-esteem. Relations with a married man is a guaranteed blow to self-esteem. Often, women who go to such novels already have low self-esteem. They consider themselves ugly, stupid, unworthy of love. Unbelief in yourself provokes problems in a relationship that only reinforces and strengthens this unbelief. It turns out a vicious circle: the lower the self-esteem, the more problematic men you attract.

In addition, married men are often interested in having relationships with two or more women, they can only pour oil on the fire of your problems with self-esteem. They emphasize in every way that they have benefited from your attention, saving you from the inevitable loneliness. So after the end of such a novel a woman often requires a serious program to restore the ability to love yourself. A good way in such a situation is to write a list of two types of people. The first type of people - your friends, acquaintances, who accept you with all their heart, like what you are. The second type is people who can be attributed to emotional vampires. They gladly offend you, trying to look better on your background. They can enjoy your confusion or unpleasant experiences about their criticism. In order to restore self-esteem, after you have experienced love for a married man, for a while - a month or two - try to strictly filter the circle of communication. People from the first part of the list should be your spiritual friends and the basis of moral support. And people who assert themselves at your expense, let them temporarily lose the opportunity to communicate with you.

A novel with a married man is a huge test for a woman who gives both happiness and unhappiness at the same time. Find the strength in time to understand the futility of such relationships, go away and try to forget the love for a married man.