How to improve the complexion and remove the circles under the eyes?

Improve the complexion and smooth skin in minutes can be at least two ways. First, with the help of a "quick" mask. Similar drugs are available in many cosmetic lines. As a rule, it is a tissue base, which is impregnated with active components. Among them, collagen, hyaluronic acid, aloe extract, cucumber, vitamins C and A, as well as placenta extract are especially valuable. All of them not only deeply moisturize the skin, but also have the effect of instant lifting. In just 10-15 minutes, this mask will "erase" wrinkles, refresh the skin, and also reduce swelling. There are also gel moisturizing masks that do not require flushing. They combine a variety of components that can give your skin priceless moisture: these are ceramides, extracts of orange and kiwi. After a while, the remains of the mask simply remove with a dry napkin.

A good apple will serve you well. In apple juice contains fruit acids and many vitamins, which provides a good tonic and refreshing effect, promotes tightening of the skin and improving its texture. Massage your face and neck with a slice of fresh apple. This will take you just a minute, and the effect will not take long to wait - the skin will immediately tighten, become younger and more pink.

Another unbeatable express method is vitamin preparations. After you clean the skin with foam or milk and refresh with a tonic, apply a thin layer of serum containing vitamin C. Thanks to the active ingredients, it absorbs in a matter of seconds and immediately revitalizes the complexion. In extreme cases, any day multivitamin cream is suitable. But remember - "heavy" and fatty textures you are now contraindicated, since they only increase puffiness, especially in the heat.

An impeccable complexion "works" is not in your favor, if you do not take a few minutes to your eyes. Perhaps, light circles and give your image some mystery, but edemas and wrinkles just do not decorate it. Especially since it is not difficult to cope with swelling: put on the upper eyelids tampons, soaked in tea leaves, and on the lower ones - mugs of raw potatoes. If there is no time for a compress, just rinse your eyes with tea from chamomile and drip a couple drops of "Vizina". And to give the eyes the radiance will help the recipe of Indian dancers: take a horizontal position and for a minute gently massage your fingertips dimples in the inner corners of the eyes. After that, apply a light cream with the effect of lifting on your eyelids.