How to look stylish in simple clothes: 5 rules of the kazhual wardrobe for those who want to be irresistible!

Choose things in a discreet color palette. Black, white, dark blue, gray and beige easily combine and serve as an excellent background for bright accents. Clothes should be comfortable and simple: loose cut, lack of decor, natural fabrics. If you like prints, give preference to the cage, strips, peas, paisley, monochrome geometric patterns.

Calm colors - the basis of careless urban chic

Create your own style with spectacular accessories. Colored jewelry, belts, scarves, scarves, hats and belts are exactly the things you can use to collect different outfits. Another obvious plus: these little things last longer and are cheaper than the seasonal renovation of the wardrobe.

Accessories - the secret of the bright Kazehal-image

Jeans - your basic investment. They will be the basis of most of your ensembles: everyday, business, and sometimes even evening. Qualitative, well-seated jeans form a kazhual-style: the result is worth it to find your ideal pair, and better - a few.

Boyfriends or skinnies - versatile jejunal jeans

Shoes - a full accent of the Kazehal-image. If you followed the previous rules, then you can afford any pair you want - bright, unusual, extravagant. Funny boots or causing scarlet boats harmoniously fit into your city wardrobe.

Effective shoes - a component of everyday outfits

The bag is an important accessory that can not be neglected, making up stylish outfits. Your choice - a roomy shopper made of leather or a quality substitute. Complex colors - taup, olive, bronze, dusty pink or muted cornflower blue, marsala, anthracite - are universal for a practical "every day" bag. Do you want to make the image more glamorous? Just replace the shopper with a clutch and add colored items (scarf, necklace, gloves, shoes).

Shopper and clutch - for elegant images