How to understand that the guy wants to kiss you?

Peculiarities of the behavior of a guy who wants to kiss a girl.
We think no one will argue that it is from the kiss that the heart starts to beat more often, the head is slightly dizzy and the legs are weakened. All because it is one of the main and most common signs of sympathy and the beginning of romantic feelings. But it happens that the girl is confused: like a guy and gives signs of attention, but before the kiss the matter never comes. What is wrong? Maybe he is shy or not fully figured out what he is experiencing. In order not to guess on chamomile, we recommend reading our article. In it, we collected the most common signs that a guy wants to kiss you.

If a guy wants to kiss a girl, what will be his behavior?

If a young man sees you off, struggles to help, makes compliments and tries to touch it in every way, this indicates his desire to move to a higher level of communication. Most likely, he would like to kiss you. If you are not sure, watch his behavior carefully. The first thing that will give it out is a look. A person who feels sympathy, looks at the object of his desire right in the eye for at least 2-3 seconds. But remember, a very shy young man, on the contrary, will try to turn his eyes away, dropping them, then picking them up again.

The second sign is his movements. If a person does not feel like getting a kiss from you, his actions will be free and relaxed. The one who kisses will, on the contrary, be slightly constrained and clamped, but will try to touch you. At the moment of a possible kiss, a young man can start to gloomily gloomy, or not stop talking about all sorts of insignificant things. Yes, oddly enough, if the guy wants to kiss. The main indicator - the excitement, which can manifest itself in such an absurd manner.

How should a girl behave if she sees that a man wants to kiss her?

If one of the above signs is the same or you yourself intuitively feel the young man's desire, there are several important tips that will help to avoid frustration and resentment.

Even if he is shy, you do not need to take everything into your own hands and take the first step. Leave this right for a young man, despite the fact that we live in an era of equality. The only thing you can do is push to certain actions or show that you do not mind kissing it.

Try not to leave his gaze. Gently and sincerely smile - it has to communicate. Try to touch it somehow in a special way. For example, gently but surely squeeze his palm or with care remove the mote from his clothes.

Your voice should be calm, gentle and gentle, as if you are talking to a child. But do not overdo it. If everything goes right you will not only tune the guy to the right way, but you will also calm down a little.

We hope that our tips will help you not only get the coveted kiss from a nice guy, but also, perhaps, build a strong romantic relationship with him. From now on, you do not have to puzzle over how to understand that the guy wants to kiss you.