How to like the first date a man?

Psychologists joke: a man takes 30 seconds to get a general idea of ​​a woman, and five more years to dispel this first impression. This means that we do not have the right to make a mistake. How to like the first date a man and what you need to do for it?

Natural hair color can be spectacular

Of course, the easiest way to change your life is to dye your hair. So almost all women think. In fact, natural unbleached hair up to 8 different shades, and no color of such a variety of colors can not give. That's why it looks so luxuriously well-groomed, shiny and not painted hair. Of course, with age, there is a need to paint over the gray hair. In this case, many colorists are advised to equal the shade of hair that you had when you were a child. Most often it is 2 shades lighter than the shade of the hair of an adult. But the cardinal change of color is a serious step. The biggest mistake is to come to the salon with a photo and say: "I want the same as hers." A colorist must take into account many factors: not only the natural shade of the hair, but also the color of the eyes, the shade of the skin.

By the way! Emmanuelle Bear, whom we used to see as a blonde, became a brunette for the new film under the strict guidance of the famous Parisian hairdresser Christopher Robin. "I approached my natural shade and now I feel more real. But it turned out that chestnut is not so easy to wear: you need less makeup, fewer shades in clothes. I had to change everything: a wardrobe, cosmetics, "- says the actress.

Long nails

Stylists say a friendly "no" nail-design. Men confirm: artistic pictures on their nails scare them. But well-groomed hands and fingers - this is very important! Use for manicure all shades of red, burgundy, black-blue or even total black. French is also very relevant, but forget about the long claws. As soon as the varnish starts to peel a little, or the cuticle looks sloppy, then it's time to update the manicure.

Heavy sweet aromas are the most seductive

The fragrance that sets you apart makes you self-confident, which you have chosen, guided by your own taste - it is he who is the most tempting. Perfume should be a continuation of your personality, because seduction is an expression of yourself. Perfume should only find the right combination. Women are tired of sweet fruit aromas and they want something new, natural, fresh and pure. In almost all colognes, the first role is played by fresh citrus fruits: lemon, orange, mandarin and bergamot. Do not "throttle" too much, much piquant when the fragrance merges with the skin, "caught" only at close range.

These two extra pounds make me very spoiled

Do not get hung up! Scientists believe that an excessively thin woman will never become a sex symbol for a man. They just do not notice this couple of extra pounds, which so poisons our lives! For example, after the concerts held this summer, all women unanimously admired the amazing sports body of Madonna, but the men voted for Britney, who, according to our women's opinion, certainly would not hurt to throw a few pounds. So, do not look at yourself too critical. Emphasize your attractive side: slender legs, embossed hands or a beautiful belly. By the way! Soft, soft skin is very attractive, - consider 70% of men. Include in the diet foods rich in omega-3 and omega-6, do not forget about weekly exfoliation, do not neglect self-tanning. For a softer shade, they can be mixed with a moisturizing body cream.