Interesting facts about the heart

On Valentine's Day, couples in love give each other cards and gifts in the form of hearts and admit to eternal love. Pillows, toys and mugs in the shape of the heart - an indispensable attribute of this wonderful holiday. In general, love and heartfelt affection are denoted in the form of the heart. Why? And is it true that love lives in the heart?

Chemical constituents of love

The fact that people fall in love, do not sleep at night, from a scientific point of view - nothing more than chemical reactions in the body. Scientists claim that people love the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland, the secretions of the glands of the endocrine system. It is there that secretions are developed that are responsible for feeling happy or vice versa, nights without sleep, the desire to be closer, passion. For example, for the feeling of joy from intimacy with a loved one and excitement is answered by phenylethylamine. A enzyme oxytocin is produced by gentle stroking, touching, reduces the feeling of anxiety and promotes the development of endorphins of happiness. The more partners touch and caress each other, the more hormones in the blood, the stronger the relationship. If the heart calms down, then there is an outbreak of oxytocin. Tested on monkeys and mice. They gently pressed themselves against each other, cared for and shared a delicacy.

But a person feels when the heart is beating fast from love, suffers and aches. Probably, it is because of this that he is credited with the immense power of love. In yoga there is a theory according to which the heart is the energy center. Therefore, the heart is one of the most important organs, to give it means to give the most precious that a person has.

Heart symbol: neck or buttocks?

You do not have to be a doctor to understand that the heart does not look the way it is drawn, pierced by an arrow of the cupid, lovers. Where did this form come from? There are many versions. The first is that the heart is like the neck of two enamored swans, who, as is known, choose their own couple once and for life, and personify loyalty and devotion.

The second version refers to the beauty of female buttocks. Yes, yes, it's the buttocks. In ancient Greece, in the era of antiquity, they were considered particularly attractive part of the female body.

The third, most frivolous version, says that the heart is like the head of the penis.

To cherish the heart - we combine pleasant with useful

Love is very useful, both in the chemical sense and in terms of feelings. Romantic dinner with wine and chocolate, affectionate touch with subsequent sex reduces the risk of heart disease and has a positive effect on the work of the heart. Even scientists agree that regular sex brings spiritual, emotional, and most importantly, physical health. Normal sexual activity strengthens immunity and health in general. Those who do not experience sexual pleasure often experience feelings of depression and loneliness. Therefore, scientists believe that the heart, brain and immune system are interconnected and affect each other's work. But here it is worth noting that not casual communication, but only sex with a regular partner who loves, benefits.

Harmony in relations in the family is another major pledge of heart health. But adultery, on the contrary, is very undesirable, and for the male half, it is generally deadly. First, morally, betrayal drains a man, and this stress is very harmful to the body. Secondly, men and women of different ages exceed their capabilities, this causes pressure problems and can even cause a heart attack. And many drugs that increase potency, too, should be avoided. In the end, only true love and faithfulness can bring a person to life, heal and give real happiness.