Interpretation of dreams: what does the accident

What does it mean if you fall into an accident in a dream, do you have an accident?
Everyone knows the fact that any accident is not good. As a result of the accident we have to spend our time, money, money for car repairs. And it's still good if the accident was shallow. In the case of a major car accident, you can say goodbye to life. The consequence of an accident is often nervousness, aggression towards others, strong emotional experiences and many other negative factors. Therefore, an accident in a dream is often also negative.

Often, in this way, we are warned about any negative incidents that should happen to us. True, there are exceptions, it all depends on a number of details of the dreamed car accident.

Why do car accidents dream?

  1. when a dreamer saw the death of a friend in an accident - this could mean a hidden negative attitude towards this person: aggression, envy, rejection of communication with him;
  2. in the event of an accident in a dream, as a result of which you were injured - a sign that in the future you are waiting for disappointment, trouble or suffering in your personal life;
  3. if a car crash happened on the sea, the beach means you, soon, is destined to find your love. If you are married, you can split the current relationship, after which you will meet another, more fit in spirit;
  4. in case of death in an accident, or if you saw the death of people - you expect problems in the circle of their relatives. It is necessary to be restrained and not show your irritation and aggression, otherwise there may be more negative consequences;
  5. if a woman is injured in an accident - this could mean a quick collapse of the plan. Most likely the plans that you have been building for more than a month or even a year, will not come true;
  6. when the girl sees the accident, but does not participate in it - the dream book is interpreted as a misfortune that will happen to one of the good friends. Perhaps she will hurt you;
  7. but if a dreamer has prevented an accident - this is a positive sign that tells us about the imminent solution of all the difficulties and problems that you have encountered or come across;
  8. To get in an accident where in a car there were long-lost relatives - speaks that in a way can face problems. To solve the problem it will take a lot of time, but as a result, the disaster does not happen, you can continue the path;
  9. A large car crash involving several cars can be a warning in which one warns of the need to rely on solving difficulties only on oneself. Do not put any responsibilities on another person, he will let you down;
  10. if you are confronted with another machine for absent-mindedness - a sign that you can draw the conclusion to be more attentive. This is not meant on the road, but in work, personal life, in relation to his beloved or beloved, relatives;
  11. lost control in the car, failed to manage - do not rush in their affairs, to solve any problems, go well, do not throw everything halfway;
  12. when as a result of a car accident in a dream the car explodes - this could mean a big scandal in the family;
  13. in the event that it was possible to avoid an accident in a dream - a sign that speaks of the speedy difficulties that you with honor decide and will benefit from it.

Most of them dream of a car accident not for good, as in real life. This is the case when you can easily compare the dream with the real state of things. Many dream books do not recommend driving or driving in another vehicle the day the dreamer dreamed something like that. It remains to hope for the best, because not all dreams come true.