Joseph Prigogine was offended by Valery because of the cemetery

Fans of hiking and traveling can safely subscribe to the microblogging of the singer Valeria and her husband Joseph Prigozhin. Spouses love to explore all sorts of attractions in the places where they happen. Particular love for the couple enjoys old Europe.

The children of Valeria and Joseph Prigozhin are already adults, so that the couple travels in small groups. And although the singer admits that she is sad to realize that her children have their own lives, nevertheless, traveling together was much easier:
Previously, traveled a huge family, now it's very difficult to get together all together, more often we began to travel together. Sadly a little, but there was more freedom - where we want, there and stop, in advance, you can not plan anything.

Valeria tortured Joseph Prigozhin in the cemetery

Now Valeria and her husband went to France. The couple have already visited Burgundy, where the singer has long dreamed of getting into.

Valeria often visited Paris, but until recently she could not get to the famous Pere Lachaise cemetery. In tourists this necropolis is one of the most visited, because here lies the ashes of many famous people.

Valeria has long planned a trip to Pere Lachaise, and, finally, the singer persuaded her husband to go to the legendary churchyard. It was only for Joseph Prigozhin that a march through the famous French cemetery was a serious test. These days in Europe it was very hot, so the cultural walk between the tombs of Balzac, Chopin, Edith Piaf and other historical figures almost caused a scandal between the spouses. In any case, Valeria admitted that Prigogine did not forgive her for such an excursion:
For a long time were going to visit the largest, most replaced cemetery in Paris Père-Lachaise, where great writers, artists, artists, musicians are buried ... Gone through the heat of 15km. Yosya is so tired that I can not forgive my initiative for such an excursion.
In the photo, which was taken after Prigozhin and Valeria left Pere Lachaise, the famous producer is very unhappy:

In comments to the photo, compassionate subscribers of the singer asked her to regret and protect her husband. And on what sacrifices are you ready for your dream? We note in Zen this material 👍 and remain aware of all the intrigues and scandals of show business.