Quit a man, psychological help

What should I do if a man threw you? Where to seek psychological help, and where to put all that has arisen in the heart? All this sadness, sorrow, sadness and despair ... Anyone who has faced this before, will confirm - it is very painful, and the consequences can be very different. In such situations it is necessary to be able to cope with your emotions, so manage your psyche to minimize these unpleasant sensations, and as soon as possible return to a sense of happiness and normal life. The theme of our today's article is: "A man left, psychological help."

If a man threw you - psychological help to you can be very useful, especially if it seems to you that the whole world has lost its importance, everything has turned gray and unpleasant, turned away from you, closed your face. There is no enthusiasm, there is complete apathy, and the soul and thoughts are constantly scrolling in the past's memories, returning to the moments when you were together, looking for wrong errors, and constantly scrolling their heads ... You think: because everything could be corrected, if I did not ... Then he would have been with me, would have held my hand again, would have smiled at me again and looked with that gentle gaze, he would have been mine. Here is the first rule: do not blame yourself. What happened, it happened, you can not bring it back. Often, we blame ourselves for what is not worth, and this only creates psychological difficulties, discomfort and we lose our peace of mind. Even if you have really made cardinal mistakes, take it to science so that next time this relationship is not observed. Throughout life, one must strive for the ideal, to seek oneself in this world, to correct our mistakes. After all, it's on them that we learn best. And in the largest number of cases, no one is to blame for the fact that the relationship is over or you are abandoned by a man. It just so happens that the relationship has run out, the love has gone or it turned out that you are simply not the kind of people who need each other. Take it for granted, and treat the news calmly: after all, it often happens that a young man threw you not because you are in some way guilty, but because he is more initiative, and earlier noticed that nothing will come of this union . It is better to look for someone new, to start a new life, than to suffer and look for mistakes in old relationships, without getting any pleasure from them.

Psychologists advise in the first period of time when you throw a man, do not hold back negative emotions and let them splash out. Allow yourself to cry, if you want it, do not hold back, because tears carry many functions for the body, including psychological help, emotional relaxation, which you need. The first few hours after the rupture are the most painful. There is a culmination of negative feelings, a person suffers from the news he has heard, is stressed, later he thinks about everything that was before, looks for ways to change something, thinks about what to do next.

Each girl reacts in her own way to the fact that she throws a man. It depends on the temperament, attachment to the beloved, the psychological state at the time of parting, the psychological mood of the girl, how much she loved the young man. Also her role is her age, experience and self-esteem.

If parting for you was particularly painful (apathy, stress, anxiety, lack of appetite, suicidal risk, insomnia), it is best to contact a psychologist or psychotherapist for psychological help. Such people are professionals in their field and will help you to get rid of your love object as quickly and efficiently as possible. The psychologist will not give you advice such as your girlfriend or mother, arguing emotionally and irrationally. He will help you understand yourself, explain your problems and push you to resolve this situation. If you notice that the symptoms are more pronounced, and also can develop into depression - it is better to go to the clinic to see a doctor.

In order to abstract from unpleasant thoughts and quickly heal the wounds of parting, take care of your favorite business, take your mind off unpleasant thoughts. Take care of yourself, go shopping, sign up for dancing or sports, choose for yourself some new hobby. This will help you not only to get distracted from bad thoughts, but also to make new acquaintances, new friends who will give you psychological support and help.

If you continue to need psychological assistance, sort out in yourself, ask yourself, what do you need? Perhaps, and in the shower and hiding long-standing grievances, words that the unspoken man, and with whom you broke up. Maybe there are unclear situations in the relationship, promises that do not give you peace and in which you need to understand and understand their essence. In that case, you can talk with the man who threw you, or, if this is not possible, with a psychologist, mother or friend. Talk to the person you trust, analyze at the same time in yourself and analyze the situation. Perhaps, your interlocutor will help you understand some of the points that you are concerned about.

Do not let yourself be sad, distract from negative thoughts - this is the main psychological help that any specialist will advise you. Most importantly - do not doubt yourself, and do not let your self-esteem fall. Most women had experience of such situations, but struggled hard. And they came out as leaders, coping with their sadness. Why can not you? Never doubt your own worth and yourself. The fact that you threw a man, not a reason to hang your nose. Take the situation as everyday, cope with your emotions, continue to love and pamper yourself, do yourself a pleasant shopping, communicate with nice people and quickly forget your failures. From them it is necessary to extract only useful: to gain more experience in mutual relations, to realize one's mistakes, to study different situations and life itself.

If a man threw you, you are able to provide yourself with basic psychological help. Do not get hung up on negative, abstract from bad thoughts and feelings, take such situations as a useful experience - and you will succeed. Soon, do not forget to open yourself for new acquaintances, and, perhaps, for a new love that will help you to comprehend that everything ahead is only the best and the best.