Lioness and Gemini: Compatibility

She: self-willed, ambitious, expressive, incredibly self-confident and self-aware. Not without a share of power and the desire to enslave the weaker. Spectacular and noticeable. Lioness - and not only by the sign of the Zodiac, but in all key aspects of life. He: having a taste for a beautiful life, charming, prominent, sociable. Gemini - no less bright nature, requiring a special approach to his finely organized soul. Can they become a strong, united pair for life, make concessions and create such an alliance that will cause secret envy of others? Let's try to figure this out. So, Lioness and Gemini - are they compatible?

The first meeting

Wherever they meet: on a cheerful crowded party, in a quiet quiet restaurant atmosphere or on the street in a blizzard, they will necessarily turn each other's attention. His beauty and confidence, her proud head and delicate femininity, which is noticeable even when she hastily wraps herself in a knitted scarf, trying to hide from the cold, will surely conquer him. A cross look, the first spark of interest - and he is ready to continue his acquaintance. She, trying to hide the interested look, will dare and prepare to conquer and tame him. If, of course, he wants.

It's like a game, the rate of which is a happy life, but at the first meeting none of them is aware of this. The lioness is unlikely to appreciate the delights of Gemini at first moments - he will seem to her beyond measure not constant and frivolous. He will seek it, rather, from the calculation it's great to brag of such a "prey" in the company.

Development of a relationship

Soon it will become clear that the first impression of the Lioness about the Bliznets slightly disagrees with reality. Indeed, he is not as intent-oriented as she would like, but his other dignities will prove to the modern Lovice that seriousness is not the main character trait for her partner in life. After all, to live fun and interesting is much more important!

A few months will pass, and they will understand - here it is, the future, happy and unusual, something for which it is worth holding with both hands!

Feelings in a single moment will fill two hitherto free and non-independent hearts, without hampering the living space they need. Lioness, accustomed to the fact that the previous cavaliers were tearing a vest on the powerful breast of the fulfillment of her desires, suddenly realize that guessing and fulfilling the dreams of Gemini is an activity not only worthy of her monarch nature, but also pleasant. The twins will permeate themselves with the desires of their regal halves and with the same pleasure will dissolve in them, ready to give the last for the sake of her smile and a grateful glance of beautiful eyes.

Their home is their world

Lioness will never agree to devote his life to pots pans. However, converging on the same territory with Gemini, she will definitely feel the urge to create comfort and the desire to pleasantly surprise her man with culinary abilities. Let Lioness and not a virtuoso, when it comes to the recipes, but to amaze by a diverse and unexpected menu, she accurately! From the enamored queen, you can expect themed evenings: today they dine by candlelight, and tomorrow with enthusiasm will be given the atmosphere of Japan in the walls of his kitchen.

The regal lioness will direct the flow of creativity to the creation of a perfectly harmonious interior - that is why the Twins, after a hard working day, will strive to quickly find themselves in the walls of their own house, filling themselves with new strength, to the breast of their understanding and strong halves.

In this house there is hardly a place for loud scandals with the staunch beat of utensils as the final alarm. Although it can not be confirmed that the joint life of this active couple in all manifestations will be sweeter than honey and quieter than a spring morning in the field. After all, they have one key point of difference in questions about what they want in life. Lioness directs all the attention to the career, she wants to benefit the cause and cover her life path with rustling banknotes - and this desire can cost Gemini a loss of balance.

By the way, about the career ...

As we have already said, the main desire of the Lioness is to be important and necessary in this unsteady world. Its potential is revealed throughout the whole life, stagnation in work is not for it. Of course, she will want to receive a decent salary for her royal labor, and if she tries, she will reach the desired financial situation. In this it will help the charm and ability to go out with the worth of all life's troubles.

As for the Gemini, at first they will be proud to look at how their half is conquered by a step by step working Olympus. This is another reason to be proud of your woman. The twins will foster the Lioness in every way, helping her with pleasure in domestic affairs and relaxing in the evenings. Nevertheless, he needs to feel himself the breadwinner of the family, so he will not tolerate the majestic commanding tone of the partner. Lioness, who earns more, will have to learn how to give your money as a secondary income, without prejudice to the feelings of Gemini. However, a loving woman knows how to cope with this difficult task without visible efforts, it is even more pleasant for her to feel herself a fragile virgin behind the reliable back of her hunter and getter.


What horoscope of compatibility without words about the sexual life of these two uneasy signs? To begin with, both partners treat sex as an art. For Gemini, this - another reason to flash skills, for Lioness - another life path that will allow it to feel like a queen.

Dominant character in the affairs of the bed will have a man - and it is entirely suitable for a girl who has become accustomed to receiving more than giving.

By the way, Gemini - not the sign that in sex focuses exclusively on their desires and thinks little about the pleasure of their halves. Therefore, Lioness will certainly understand that such a partner is what she dreamed of all her life.

Perhaps the Twins at first will not be easy - to awaken the playful passion of your half immediately will be extremely difficult. She would rather wait to see if he was playing with her. Given a certain degree of patience, the moment will come when a man will understand that his partner can give him no less affection and passion than he gives her.

The finishing touch

The main thing that keeps the Lioness and Gemini near each other is the ability to spend interesting leisure. They are never bored with each other's company, in addition, the circle of their comrades eventually ceases to be divided into "theirs" and "her friends" - and this is very important, because for both signs, communication with friends is the key to a fun pastime. In this pair, the look to the future has the same vector of direction and as long as the winds of change do not change it - they will be handily and gaily, hand in hand, marching towards a happy future.