Lunar calendar of hair and nails cuts for January 2018: favorable oracle days in tables

The phases of the Moon have a very strong effect on the condition and health of a person. And in everyday life, many girls can notice how the lunar day and the position of the moon can improve or worsen the condition of nails, hair. That is why we recommend that you carefully study our tables before carrying out haircut and dyeing. They include the oracle and calendula calendar for January 2018. Simple tips with descriptions will help in time to make coloring or a haircut. Lunar calendars in the tables contain precise instructions on the favorable and unfavorable days of these procedures.

Lunar calendar haircuts and hair coloring for January 2018 - favorable days in the table

Correctly chosen days for changing the image are a guarantee of healthy hair growth. And even staining on such days will not do harm and will not worsen the appearance of the curls. It will help to choose a favorable day for hair cutting and hair coloring in January 2018, our lunar calendar in the tables.

Favorable days in the table

For modern girls, we created a simple and understandable lunar calendar in the form of tables. Each good day is indicated for haircuts and hair coloring. Using a simple calendar-table to choose the best time to change the image is not difficult.

When you cut and dyed your hair in January 2018 by the oracle - a detailed table with descriptions

When choosing a favorable day for updating the hairstyle, many women are guided by the oracle. With him, you can easily find the right date to visit your favorite hairdresser or beauty salon. In the following table with descriptions, you can find out when, according to the oracle, it's better to cut and dye your hair in January 2018.

When is it better to cut and color hair according to the oracle in January 2018?

Our simple table-hint will help every fashionista find an auspicious day for changing haircuts or dyeing hair. Detailed descriptions will be the best help for recording in the salon. They will tell you when to cut hair, and when the coloring of the strands should be carried out in January 2018.

When cutting nails in January 2018 according to the oracle and the lunar calendar - the indication of favorable days

Not only hair cutting, but also nail cutting should be done on time. The right day for manicure will guarantee the strengthening and health of the nail plate. Therefore, we compiled a simple and understandable table, which indicates when to cut nails in January 2018 according to the oracle and the lunar calendar.

On what days, according to the oracle and the January lunar calendar, is it better to cut nails in 2018?

Data of the oracle and the lunar calendar coincide in many respects. Their comparison allows you to determine as accurately as possible when cutting your nails. Therefore, in our table, each day is indicated for haircuts for the lunar calendar and for the oracle. Such a tip helps to make a manicure or build-up useful. To simplify the choice of suitable for cutting and staining the nails, we recommend that you save our table.

Having carefully studied the data of the lunar calendar and the oracle, we compiled detailed tables of haircuts and staining. They will help beauties improve their health and choose favorable days for visiting the salon. The detailed calendars contain descriptions of each day of January 2018. Such tips will help to forget about the fragility of the nail plate, give the locks a splendor and brilliance. For this, women only need to carefully study the lunar calendar of haircuts for January 2018 and choose the best time to update their image.