Horoscope for 2015 for Cancer

horoscope for cancer for 2015
Of all the celestial forces influencing the representatives of the sign of Cancer, the most notable is the unusual combination of the influence of Mercury and Jupiter, and the second has the risk of spilling over into unsupported, adventurous decisiveness: the impact of the first planet, connected with interaction with humans, can be misleading on this same soil. Do not overestimate your influence on people, especially unfamiliar ones, and do not count on it if you do not have any additional supports.

Horoscope for a Cancer Woman for 2015

Thoroughly weigh all decisions, even if you think they are perfect. If you have something to mind only yesterday, do not seek to implement it today, give the plan how to properly take shape. This is especially true of work - there are posts where you just need to think and act quickly, but if it does not depend on the life or health of others, allow yourself a momentary respite. Cut off only after pick if not seven, then at least two times. For own ideas and projects, the best time will be the end of winter; time for thought will be enough, and fresh forces that have not yet had time to go into the annual routine, will be useful to you for a quick start. Difficulties that arise rather quickly, it is better to decide in the early stages - if you leave it as it is, over time they will only strengthen.

Close women born under the sign of Cancer will vie for their attention throughout the first half of the year. You will find yourself in bewilderment and even frustration: the choice between the second half (or even the family) and friends is obviously losing. You lose something in any case, and this is a very bitter loss. Try to reconcile the warring parties, no matter how their arguments sound, and do not give in to guilt - despite the fact that you are the stumbling block, it's just a case. Strongly different people will always find something to argue about. Your task is to help them find each other in common, at least that you are equally dear to them, and redistribute your own time to communicate with them.

Do not limit yourself to just one side, even if it seems to you the simplest and right decision supported in the eyes of society. Saving forces is not worth the loss of people dear to you.

Horoscope for a male cancer in 2015

In the man of Cancer in 2015 the influence of Mercury will be more extensive than that of representatives of the same sign, but the likelihood of damage to this influence will also be higher. Mercury also protects intellectual pursuits, so this year will be a great time for educational achievements and scientific research, but beware of excessive fussiness, do not try to catch everything - it may end badly. Select some of the most important goals and follow them.

Public life will sharply manifest itself in the second quarter of the year, you will have to deal with a lot of different people, and sometimes it can be irritating even under the auspices of the planet most suitable for this. Do not put too much yourself into casual encounters: the secret of the so-called "secular" communication is that the conversation left a pleasant impression, but did not carry with it something personal. Such topics are best left to friends.

Do not run health, especially in early spring. Almost all working people carry light colds "on their feet", continuing every day to do what they are used to doing, and believing that this trifle will pass by itself. But even the most simple illness left unattended can lead to bad consequences, so do not refuse treatment, even if the home mode is not possible for you.