Makeup for little eyes

With the help of a special make-up, you can hide any flaws in your face or emphasize your dignity. And no less important are the eyes. However, the size of the eyes is a very important detail in choosing the right make-up. After all, not every make-up is suitable for small eyes. Often, small eyes due to the size look closely to each other and to hide all possible shortcomings and make them more expressive, it is recommended to use several tips.


Holders of thick eyebrows should know that if the eyebrows are close to the eyelid, they visually reduce it, because of what the eye seems small. Therefore, the line of the eyebrows should be in harmony with the shape of the eyes and face. Allow to have thick eyebrows can only the owner of large eyes. Well, if the size of the eyes does not allow you to brag, then you should be patient and proceed to remove excess hairs. You can certainly do it yourself, but it's better to contact a make-up artist. Make-up artist will help you choose the right shape of eyebrows.

Masking tools and their application

Dark eyelids and circles under the eyes create the effect of darkened areas on the eyes, thereby visually reducing them. To get rid of the darkened areas it is possible, for this purpose it is enough to apply the masking agent which is put around of eyes, it will help to clarify eyes, to level the color.

Application of light shadows

Owners of small eyes are recommended to use light shades of shades - white, peach, light pink, ivory, beige-yellow, beige. Shadows should be applied around the eyes, moreover, under the eyebrow and the patch of the inner corner of the eye, more shadows should be applied, this will light the eye. You can apply pearlescent shadows, but if there are wrinkles it is better to choose semi-shadows, they do not emphasize unnecessary folds.

Shadows of moderately dark shades

For small eyes, make-up should start from the outer corner of the eye, while other types of make-up begin from the mobile age and move upward. In our case, the mobile eyelid should not be touched. Above the fold of the eye cavity with the help of a thick soft brush an arc is held, the eye cavity itself should not be touched. The arc is obscured to the outside. Following the lower eyelid, dark shadows are applied. Apply shadows should not be beyond the level of the pupil. Further on the upper eyelid to the level of the pupil, dark shadows are applied. To visually enlarge the eye and significantly distance the eye from the nose, dark shadows tend to blend more towards the temple.

Contour pencil or eyeliner

Possessors of small eyes can use eyeliner, contour pencil, friable eye shadow (applied to the line of eyelash growth with the help of a brush). Using friable shadows, you can create a more blurred outline than using a pencil.

With the help of a pencil, you can visually expand your eyes, but for this you need to skillfully apply a line, otherwise you will get the opposite effect. That's why you should start the line from the outer corner of the eye towards the middle of the century, reaching the iris of the eye, you need to finish the line. If the pencil is applied to the inner corner of the eye, this will only visually reduce it. By the way, the shadows are applied in the same way as the pencil. If the end of the line is shaded with a cotton pad (brush, finger, applicator), then the line will not look sharply finished. The main thing here is that the line should gradually narrow down and go down to a minimum. In this case, the line should be as close as possible to the eyelashes. Draw a line on the upper eyelid, now proceed to the lower eyelid - draw a line. As a result, you should get this picture " " (as if inverted Latin V).


The fact that mascara is able to visually enlarge the eyes is a well-known fact. But to achieve a good effect, before applying the mascara is recommended using tweezers to twirl the eyelashes, this visually increases the eyes. If the eyelashes are pointing down, this will create a shadow under the eye. That's why the lower eyelashes, too, should be applied mascara, which will make the look more expressive and visually increase the eyes.