Masks for face, tips

Now we will give you a couple of tips on how to use your facial mask to care for your skin.
The first rule of care is not to touch it with your hands! Do not scratch, do not crush, but only apply, pat, and cherish, in a word. To remove all unnecessary skin, you need a cleansing mask. The big mistake is to leave the mask on the face until it dries completely. We must keep strictly to the specified time. When the moisture evaporates, the mask begins to absorb, it from the skin, that is, dehydrate.

Masks for the face remove dirt, narrow pores and improve the complexion, but does not work wonders. Removing the skin from dust, sweat, skin fat, dead cells, it thereby prepares the face for any cosmetic procedures - moisturizing, nourishing, rejuvenating. Without ballast, the skin absorbs creams, whey and concentrates well, absorbing all active substances. Yes, and looks fresher.

To house you saw the effect of the mask, the composition should be white or green clay and fruit acids. These are the main "absorbers" of excess fat. The clay dries well and at the same time saturates the skin with minerals (silicon, zinc, sodium). Acids dissolve the old cells. Heroes of the second plan - therapeutic mud, seaweed, vitamins. Everyone brings his ribbon to a beautiful skin: the herbs remove the inflammation, dirt and algae blood circulation, vitamins feed the cells. In the composition they are by no means superfluous, although they play the role of a bonus.

On the shelves of the store you can often find creamy masks. They are evenly applied to the face and after a time washed off with warm water. An interesting kind of such means is a sauna mask, which itself heats up from contact with water. It is believed that it cleanses the skin better by opening the pores. No less popular are film masks. As a rule, they contain astringents and extracts from medicinal herbs. They are convenient: after a while the gel turns into a thin film, which is easily removed together with dead cells, dust, dirt and surpluses of sebum. But if you have dry or sensitive skin, do not use these means - they often cause irritation.

You can also try a mask on a non-woven basis. Efforts at least: open the package and attach a wet leaf with slits to the eyes and lips. You can still find on sale masks in the form of powder. But they are recommended only for oily skin due to a strong drying effect. Alternative is also an emulsion-based mask that gently cleanses and does not overdo the skin of the face.

And now we will present you what masks are advised by professionals and dermatologists.
1. Deep cleansing mask Payot, specially designed to care for combination and oily skin.
2. Soft peeling for the face with white tea extract from Avon, suitable for dry skin.
3. The cleansing mask Pure-Off from Matis regulates the secretion of the sebaceous glands.
4. Cleansing mud mask based on bleaching clay Himalaya Herbals.
5. The deep-action mask Dr Sebagh contains ANA-acids, therefore it is recommended to test the skin for sensitivity.
6. Express Mask Glow from Sisley based on red clay with essential oils.
7. Freshening and matting mask Flash Purity Mask from Lancaster.
8. Mask that removes toxins, Givenchy Skin Targetters.
9. Dispensing mask with zinc Garnier Skin Naturals.
10. Mud mask with minerals Natural Sea Beauty.

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