Massage from flat feet for children

The technique of massage with flat feet in children, features, indications.
Is your child diagnosed with flat feet? Do not be in a hurry to get upset, because to date, these gaps are successfully eliminated. One of the most effective methods in solving this problem is therapeutic massage from flat feet. Proper execution and regularity of this massage gives a great guarantee that your baby's legs will assume a normal position and will develop normally. In order to learn how to do this massage, we recommend that you first become acquainted with the cause of this deformation, and then with the technique itself.

Flattening in children and how to define it?

It should be borne in mind that every person from the very birth of the foot, or rather their arches are always filled with a small fat pad, which begins to thin only when the baby takes the first steps and begins to walk actively. That is why the footprint of a child who was newly born or can only creep has a flat outline. As a rule, by the age of three or four years the baby's foot acquires the outlines of an adult person, since the muscles are already sufficiently strengthened, the ligaments and bones are well formed, which gives the child the possibility of stability and the possibility to stay in the vertical position for a long time. It should be noted that the older the child becomes, the more noticeable the depression in the arch of the foot.

The causes of the appearance of flat feet can be many, but most often - it's heredity, overweight, later becoming on his feet or disturbances in the body of the child.

To determine whether a toddler has a flat foot or not, you need first of all to take a closer look at his gait. Children with this ailment will try to lean on the inside of the foot, the legs are visually slightly divergent in different directions. The clubfoot in the gait also indicates that the foot has not developed properly and the muscles are not able to hold the full weight of the child. Another good way to determine this is to grease the baby's feet with a fat cream and ask to stand on a clean sheet. If the track is continuous, without a characteristic notch on the sides, then this indicates a violation.

In case of flat feet, do not delay with massage sessions, which are very effective in childhood.

Foot massage with flat feet in children, cognitive video

Before performing the massage the child should take a horizontal position. With both hands, take the foot and begin to massage the soft pillow that is in the middle of the foot. The movements are intense and very diverse. It is very good for fingering or rhythmic pressure. Due to these manipulations to the muscles, blood actively enters, which affects their tone. Massaging one leg should be at least 3-4 minutes. After the session, it will be useful for the child to run a little.

As you already understood, in massage with flatfoot there is nothing complicated. Any adult can perform these manipulations. But thanks to this method, the violation of the feet can be eliminated completely, which in turn will save some unpleasant diseases and discomfort in the future.

More clearly about this massage you can see in this video