Metabolic "swings": why do not you lose weight and how to cope with it

About the metabolic syndrome much is said, but almost nothing explains. Meanwhile, this is a common reason for the zero effectiveness of training and diets. The essence is simple: due to improper diet and rest the cells of the body acquire resistance to insulin and, as a consequence, to glucose. The concentration of undigested substances in the blood increases and leads to a global imbalance. You experience constant fatigue, irritation, suffering from migraines and pressure - and the extra pounds do not go away, no matter how you sweat in the hall. What to do?

Learn to sleep properly. This is not a joke - a healthy and strong sleep normalizes well-being, reduces weight and charges the body with energy. Forget about dense snacks, emotional films and active homework before going to bed. Replace them with a glass of yogurt or a piece of granola, a warm shower and a pleasant book. And do not spare money for a good pillow and an orthopedic mattress - this is a small payment for the absence of osteochondrosis and neuralgia.

Revise your own menu. It's not about harsh and protracted diets - it's enough if you refuse "empty" carbohydrates (fast food, desserts with creams, industrial bakes, soda), uncontrolled cups of coffee and glasses of beer. Gradually introduce in the diet of starchy vegetables, greens, rye bread, replace fatty meat with lean, and sweets - curd mousses and light cheesecakes. The result will not be long in coming.

Exercise wisely. Classes two - three times a week are ineffective: much better to do with regular "household" loads. A daily hike after work or an hourly promenade with a dog in the park will affect the figure faster than intense but periodic training.