Methods of detoxification and excretion of carcinogens from the body

Having changed clothes, at last, it would be desirable to get rid and from superfluous cargo in an organism. You will be helped by various ways of detoxification and excretion of carcinogens from the body.

It's not so easy - even for a week to tear yourself away from your favorite "little weaknesses" (goodbye, coffee, hello, herbal tea), but the prospect is what it is! Just a week of detox, and you get a huge burst of energy, beautiful skin, the perfect work of the digestive tract.

Even if you stably follow the state of your body, it is still constantly exposed to toxins. They are everywhere - in the food that we eat, in the water, in the air. The human body also produces toxins. From all this, the digestive system is overloaded and worn out and especially the main "detoxifier" is the liver.

Ideally, we should cope with toxins easily. Nevertheless, the more severe we are exposed, the fewer forces for resistance remain.

Give your detoxifying bodies rest. But, before going into the "unloading mode", for your own safety it will be necessary to prepare the body for purification - detoxification of haste does not suffer - and then learn to return to the real world when the unloading period ends.

Just the wrong way out of the detox can lead to a situation more sad than the one that was before it began.

Before You Begin

Specialists do not advise to immediately abandon the products for carrying out various methods of detoxification and excretion of carcinogens from the body, which you will have to avoid in the process of cleansing the body. A sharp transition to restrictions is a stress for the body, and can cause unpleasant symptoms in the first stages. Take a week to prepare for detoxification, gradually give up uncontrolled use of food and drinks. This will set you up for cleansing, not only physically, but emotionally. Gastronomic habits are one of the strongest, so take care of yourself, give them up gradually.

If you wake up "broken", suffer from swelling, gas formation, constipation. If it can be difficult to concentrate, you quickly get tired, with muscle pain, dyspnea, severe PMS.

If you are pregnant or nursing. If there is evidence of nutritionists for a particular diet. With anemia.

If you are taking birth control medications, remember that when detoxification activates the liver, which leads to rapid elimination of medicines.

Schedule the day "D"

In the first couple of fasting days it is normal to feel fatigue or exacerbation of those very symptoms that led to the decision to take days off. So you do not need to start "on Monday", as we like, but just on weekends or on days when you are not very busy with things. And, of course, not on the eve of major events, such as family celebrations, anniversaries and weddings, which you simply will not be able to ignore.

Decouple from "small weaknesses"

The cessation of caffeine is usually the most difficult, as this can lead to headaches. Caffeine dependence is not uncommon at our rhythm of life. Gradually reduce the amount of caffeine consumed. You can replace beverages with caffeine on bezkofeyinovye, quietly switch to black tea, green tea (they also have caffeine), and then on herbal tea - the best option.

Eat Cellulose

The intestine is the main way of waste disposal, and is also one of the ways to detoxify and remove carcinogens from the body. Therefore, if the bowel work is disrupted, you will feel very detox during the detox. So, before you start unloading, you need to make sure that the intestine performs its work regularly, and that at least once a day, its release occurs. If he needs help, add 1-2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed per day.

Drink more water

During unloading, you have to drink at least 8 glasses of filtered water a day (tap water or bottled water is excluded, since they can contain chemicals and toxins) or daily absorb herbal teas to keep the body hydration level and digestive system stable. If you drink enough fluids and neglect fiber, the detox will end without even having begun - a banal constipation.

Put on the apron

Dishes for unloading days also require cooking. So look for your frying pans, cookbooks, saucepans. Boredom and tasteless food can ruin any venture. Look for recipes from such products that you can eat while unloading with pleasure.

Think about the multi-vitamins

It is recommended to take multivitamins containing the daily norm of components useful for the liver: vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 (not less than 100 mg), B12, D, C and E (not more than 200 IU per day) together with chromium, zinc and selenium . Well, if you pre-arrange to correctly choose a complex that will help you make up for the forced losses.

Add omega-3 fatty acids

Deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids, which can occur during a diet, can cause inflammation, destroying the cell membranes and provoking the absorption of toxins. Experts recommend taking fish oil in order to avoid this.

Shake your yoga mat

Daily exercises stimulate blood flow and lymph flow, which means resistance to harmful effects. Just do not need to overexert. Your task is to update, not exhaustion. In the period of detoxification, there is nothing better than a yoga course. But, if it is not included in the range of your hobbies, walking on foot is quite suitable (not less than half an hour a day).

Learn the "bird's tongue" - read the labels

You will have to learn to read the list of ingredients contained in the purchased products, not just "fat-protein-carbohydrates-calories." You are waiting for discoveries - for example, sugar can be found in bread, soup or salad dressing.

Eat more green

Organic vegetables will be your main food base on fasting days, so start introducing them into the diet right from the preparatory period. Number one in this list - cruciferous vegetables: broccoli, leaf and cabbage, Brussels sprouts, pakchoy (Chinese cabbage), artichokes. They contain strong components for the development of detoxifying enzymes and are very useful for the liver. And to strengthen these properties, prepare them with onions or garlic, which stimulate the production in the body of glutathione - a peptide containing amino acids of glutamic acid, cysteine ​​and glycine. More than 60% of toxins in the liver neutralizes glutathione.

Week "D"

Now, the body is prepared for unloading. Most experts recommend a detoxification diet lasting not less than a week. For greater effect, you can extend it to three weeks. During this time, you can not only get rid of toxins, but also retrain your body - to acquire new eating habits.

Eat healthy

Eat more vegetables, fruits, gluten-free cereals, legumes, some nuts, lean poultry meat, fish.

Drink with the Mind

In addition to the fact that during the unloading days it is necessary to drink a lot of filtered water, do not forget to drink more freshly squeezed vegetable juice and herbal teas. Good news for those who can not do without caffeine: small amounts of green and white tea are completely tolerated. Catechins, which are found in green tea, produce enzymes that help the liver cope with toxins.

Eliminate allergens

Eliminate caffeine, alcohol, soda water, red meat, refined foods and buttery pastries. Avoid wheat flour, any products containing gluten, milk, soy and eggs. These are the most common food allergens and, if you are slightly exposed to food allergies, the body will have to make great efforts to internalize these foods. And this is fundamentally not what we want to achieve on days off.

Clean the skin

Cleaning and massage of the skin with a brush with natural bristles stimulates blood circulation in small vessels that are in all tissues of the body, causing a rush of blood to them. It is very good to massage the dry skin of the body before taking a shower, but remember the rule: do not hurry up this massage, neatly and towards the heart.

Take a contrast shower

Taking a shower, we wash off toxic waste from the skin of the body and release the pores. To improve blood circulation, take a contrast shower: for 3 minutes make the water hot, as much as possible tolerate, then - for 30 seconds cold. Repeat the procedure 3 times, then quickly dry with a towel.


Sweating in the sauna or steam room several times a week helps remove chemical toxins through the pores of the skin. Just watch your health. Feeling the slightest discomfort or dizziness, immediately go out.


Blessed peace gives a respite not only to you, but also to your liver. Stress always has a physiological effect. All our feelings and emotions are able to trigger biochemical reactions. Meditation and keeping a diary not only allow you to relax and concentrate, but also help you understand and appreciate the signals that the body sends you.

Get enough sleep

Adequate healthy rest is especially important at a time when you are releasing your body from toxins. It is necessary, at least, an 8-hour night sleep, so that the body becomes healthier and recharged.


Congratulations! You have stood it. Just do not commemorate the end of unloading days - a cup of espresso macchiato. The period of return to normal nutrition for you is perhaps the most important stage of the whole process. After all, the first reason to start detox is to improve health and find new, useful habits. So it is very important not to "jog" sharply back into coffee, sugar and buns. Let's see what needs to be done, so that the detoxification process does not stop thereafter.

To introduce excluded products gradually

Leaving in the diet a priority for plant food, it is recommended to return the products excluded from the diet gradually, literally one at a time, in order to be able to observe the reaction of the organism. Once you "oust" the product from the menu, you need to be prepared for the fact that the body will become sensitive to it, and you will immediately understand if something will bother you. Therefore, detoxification is a very good way to understand, for example, how you react to flour or gluten. If you are sensitive to them, your stomach and digestion will immediately tell you about it.

Listen to yourself

Very often, the cause of diseases is that we do not listen to our body or ignore the signals that it sends to us - whether it is headache or muscle pain, heaviness in the stomach or trouble with digestion. The detoxification program will strengthen your sensitivity to such signals, and you do not neglect them.

Eat a hot breakfast

To maintain a stable state of sugar in the blood and a normal tone, try to ensure that the first serious meal contains proteins and healthy fats. And let your breakfast be hot - so the body is easier to digest it.

Continue to limit products

In wheat flour, as is known, contains the greatest amount of gluten. Even if you find that the body has reacted calmly to returning muffins to the diet, you do not need to abuse it. Try instead of wheat to use millet, barley, buckwheat. Try soy milk, almond, hemp, oatmeal. Returning to the diet sugar and caffeine, especially watch how they affect your health. Perhaps, after the detox, you will need much less coffee to cheer up.

Continue to sweat

Energetic exercise and daily strength loads contribute to the removal of toxins from the body together with sweat. And sometimes, of course, it is good to go to a sauna or a bath (if there are no contraindications).

Fiber (dietary fiber)

While our main purifier - the liver - is working to remove toxins, the body still tries to continue to absorb them. Residual substances can be absorbed, for example, through the walls of the intestine, and they are toxic. Fiber helps to remove all unnecessary before harmful substances are reabsorbed. Add a tablespoon or two flaxseed to your food.


They protect the walls of the intestine. If this barrier does not work, the toxins are absorbed and enter the bloodstream, and then into the liver, destroying it. Consult with a specialist and select the suitable complex for you.

Milk thistle

Drugs thistle spotted effectively enhance the formation and secretion of bile, secretory, motor function of the gastrointestinal tract, and also increase the protective properties of the liver in relation to infections and all kinds of poisoning.

Vitamin C

Activates glutathione, stimulates metabolic processes, improves liver function, increases its antitoxic function and enhances regenerative processes (experts recommend a daily dose of 90 mg).

Magnesium regulates vascular tone, controls the synthesis of glutathione.