Modest charm: choose a closed wedding dress

Open models of wedding dresses have become fashionable for a long time and are the most popular styles for today. But in recent years, brides wishing to distinguish themselves with the originality of the outfit, prefer closed wedding dresses. In this article, we will tell you about the varieties of such models, as well as give recommendations on the choice of a suitable version of the festive decoration.

Closed dress of the bride: who is suitable?

  1. Most often, closed styles of outfits are chosen for themselves by girls with persistent religious beliefs. Brides wishing to look modest and clean at the wedding will give preference to a closed model of traditional white color. This option is also best for a wedding ceremony in the church.
  2. Girls who have a reserved and modest character, as well as a refined taste, can choose a similar model for their wedding dress. It should be noted that many of the brides of famous monarchs wore closed dresses for their wedding ceremonies.
  3. Representatives of the fair sex with the help of closed styles can hide certain drawbacks of the figure. If a girl with a luxurious breast is allowed to put on an outfit with a deep neckline, then a lady with a modest size should wear a dress that completely covers her breasts.
  4. In the case when the wedding is celebrated in the cold season, the bride, one way or another, has to choose between a beautiful closed wedding dress or a fur coat, a cloak or another piece of clothing.
  5. Ladies who like to look unusual and different from others, can also put on a closed wedding dress. The model, made of shining satin, silk, lace and fitting figure, looks stylish, elegant and elegant.
Dress for wedding
You decided to assure your marriage not only in the registry office, but also in the face of God? Then you should choose the right decoration for the wedding ceremony in the church. Read our tips on what should be the dress for the wedding.

Fashions of closed wedding dresses

Closed Shoulders

This option is a great solution for girls with a boyish figure or narrow shoulders. Volumetric sleeves-lanterns perfectly distinguish the decollete zone, make the image feminine, tender, sexy.

A wedding dress with closed shoulders and shallow neckline can be worn without fear for a wedding ceremony, and not just for official painting.

Closed d├ęcolletage

In a dress with an open neck and arms, it is appropriate to use a closed neckline. This option looks stylish and noble, while at the same time not hiding the body completely. It should be noted that the closed neckline can be used for girls with small breasts, but brides with a magnificent bust this option does not fit. Breasts can be hidden both under an opaque cloth, and under laces, gentle chiffon, a veil.

Covered top

Models with fully covered top look refined and exquisite. This style assumes that the bride will be closed not only the shoulders, but also the chest, arms and neck. In such a performance look great silhouette "mermaid", as well as "A-silhouette." By the way, the length of this outfit does not have to be in the floor - shorter skirts also look pretty good. Especially well on slender brides will look dress with a translucent closed top and skirt to the knees.

Dresses with sleeves

Sleeves - this is the detail that can decorate almost any composition. Depending on the wishes or the type of figure, the girl has the right to choose a wedding dress with any shape of the sleeve - a flashlight, a sleeve to the elbow or to the middle of the forearm, narrow or flared and so on.

In the wedding dress, the sleeve can be combined with gloves. Short sleeves look great with long fitting gloves, and long sleeves, on the contrary, it is better to supplement with an accessory of low height.

Very advantageous for slender brides looks attire, in which the chest, shoulders and arms are completely closed, and on the back there is a deep cutout. This model looks extraordinarily sexy and attracts the views of the stronger sex.

Dresses with sleeves
Models of wedding dresses with sleeves look elegant and refined, and thanks to the variety of styles of sleeves, this outfit can be selected for any shape. We have collected recommendations for you on the choice of a suitable wedding dress with sleeves.

Closed back

Closed back on a wedding dress can be played in various ways. To the outfit does not look too modest and unpretentious, the back can be draped with a translucent fabric or lace. The embroidery made on hardly appreciable thin matter looks great.

Models with a closed back - an option for those who want to look feminine and refined, while preserving the mystery.

Lace dresses

The decoration of the closed style, made of lace is a find for brides who want to combine chastity and modesty with charm and attractiveness. Lace in any outfit gives the image a romantic, tenderness, fragility and airiness. This fabric texture perfectly conceals the flaws of the figure, while at the same time emphasizing profitable features - emphasizing smooth curves and rounded shapes.

Closed wedding dress with lace looks perfect in straight silhouettes. The decoration does not need to be made of lace entirely - similar material can be trimmed with some details of the outfit, for example, back, neckline, shoulders, sleeves.

Covered Neck

An attractive, refined, mysterious image can be created with the help of a dress, in which a closed neck is combined with open hands or back. This dress attracts attention and at the same time looks quite chaste.

Lace dresses
Lace in a wedding dress symbolizes the tenderness, lightness and femininity of the bride. Read how lace wedding dresses are and how to choose the right style for yourself.