Pearl classic: fashion trends-2017

On the eve of spring, we remember pearls: its soft glow, perfect form and sensual aura are the best that can be chosen for meeting with heat and sun. The same opinion and famous designers - in the books of the thematic collections appeared a lot of elegant pearl sets.

Pearl - jewelry trend-2017

Feminine geometry - the corporate identity of the Italian jeweler Lia Di Gregorio. Leah understands perfectly what a modern lady needs: freedom, energy and inspiration. That is why laconic articles of white and lemon gold are decorated with pearl drops: they ennoble the strict lines of metal, gradually emphasizing the fragile charm of the female nature. Thanks to the minimalistic design of the earrings, the rings and bracelets of the brand do not look too solemn - they are easy to "fit" into the everyday wardrobe.

Pearl head sets from the Lia Di Gregorio line

Another fan of architectural forms is the Danish jeweler Sophie Bille Brahe. Her creations surely will suit the refined aesthetics: selective pearls in a graceful thin frame - nothing superfluous, perfection, elevated to the absolute. Such jewelry will immediately become your favorite: you can wear them without taking them off - they are universal, always relevant and exquisitely elegant.

Modern philosophy of pearls: Loughbreads Sophie Bille Brahe

Those who prefer unusual solutions, it is worth paying attention to the jewelry creativity of Mizuki Jewelry. The founder of the Japanese brand, Mizuki Goltz, advocates a return to the roots: the beauty of natural baroque pearls will enhance female magnetism. The original jewelry of the brand is not just an accessory, it is a kind of talisman that gives strength and harmony.

Precious Asymmetry: Mizuki Jewelry Collection