People born in the year of a horse

According to the eastern calendar, horse years: 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014.

People born in the year of the horse have the following qualities: representativeness, stateness, pride. The horse has an impeccable taste, she is never badly dressed. Therefore, it gives the impression of a serious, thoughtful, responsible person.

At the same time, the horse lives a stormy social and cultural life: she likes going to theaters, exhibitions, concerts. It organizes socially useful rallies and meetings. The horse loves mass gatherings, she is a star of parties.

A horse loves sports from an early age. Often a horse becomes successful in sports, if he has been doing it since childhood.

People born in the year of a horse like to gossip, empty chatter for them is the best pastime. The horse has many friends, because she is beautiful, pretty, cheerful and good-natured.

The greatest success is waiting for the horse in his career as a politician, a public figure. Managing people is given to her very easily - people do not resist the horse's unobtrusive power. If a horse runs a company, it often communicates with employees at the same level. Whatever the horse does, it will always be able to shine with its talents and knowledge. The horse grasps everything on the fly, it has a wonderful memory and a developed imagination. The horse not only reflects, she knows how to work hard. Physical labor does not tire the horse, but, on the contrary, brings pleasure to it. She is strong, clever and full of faith in her own strength. Therefore, the horse causes envy of others.

With all his positive qualities, the horse has a violent temperament. Eastern sages said that people born in the year of the horse have boiling blood in their veins. Therefore, the horse is prone to sudden outbursts of anger, it is easy to get mad. Because of his incontinence, the horse often loses what it has longed for. Those who saw a horse in anger usually turn away from it for a long time or completely stop communicating with it. The horse's anger is rampant, it can very much offend a person in anger, touching his most sick and weak points. The horse must watch for himself, suppress his unbridled character in himself, so as not to harm others and his career.

In fact, the horse is the most selfish sign of the eastern calendar. Those who go against it or counter to it, risk being trampled under its powerful hoofs. The horse sweeps away everything that will rise in its path without regret. The horse does not care about other people's problems, she can patiently listen to a person and even give him advice, but after half an hour she completely forgets about talking with him, because she does not care about anyone's problems, except her own. A horse from an early age becomes independent, rarely uses other people's advice, it is better to stick to your thoughts and your own experience. It will be better if the horse leaves his parents' home early and begins to live his own life. Most horses do so, as they are suppressed by parental control.

Having created his own family, the horse will do everything possible to make her house a full cup so that the family reigns peace and harmony. She will become the head of the family, regardless of her gender. Everything in the house will revolve around the horse and its problems. But she will truly become the guardian and angel of her family. If she leaves, the family hearth will collapse in an instant. Even if the horse leaves home for a few days, everything in the house rises upside down, order and peace are violated.

Despite the fact that everything in his life the horse does mainly for himself, the fruits of her labor are used by many. A horse is truly a workaholic, it attracts money, is lucky in dealing with finances. Negative quality of the horse - it can abandon the started business at the most unfortunate moment, as it sometimes bothers the monotonous occupation. Subsequently, she can return to the work begun with a double zeal.

Choosing a profession, the horse should be guided by the fact that it was connected with people. A sociable horse can not remain alone for long without public support and praise.

As for love, this is perhaps the weakest aspect of horse character. People born in the year of the horse, falling in love, become weak and weak-willed. To the beloved, the horse forgives everything, even betrayal and betrayal. For the sake of love, she can throw everything that is dear to her. Having fallen in love, the horse gives his love without a trace, sometimes the passion of the horse is so great that she forgets about work, everything, so love can become a destructive force in the life of a horse. Sometimes a horse curbs his passions with will power, then everything returns to her place in her life. If the horse does not live heart and mind, she will be very happy in life.

Horses are best connected with life with a goat, they will be inseparable in sorrow and in joy. The goat will be able to curb even the ego of a horse. A union of a horse with a dog is possible. The dog will live his own personal life, it will be of little concern to the egoism of the horse and its impermanence. Do not build a family horse with a rat, such an alliance will be very dramatic.

The horse's youth will be full of various events, from the time she leaves her father's house. Feelings of it will be stormy, and life - full. Also the second phase of the horse's life will pass. And the final life phase will be calm.

Every sixty years is the year of the fiery horse: 1966, 2026. People born in the year of the fiery horse have a terrible power: they turn good into evil or vice versa. Years of a fiery horse are unfavorable for a horse and her family, this time all sorts of misfortunes, accidents, troubles are falling upon the people of this sign.

The characters of people born in the year of the fiery horse are just like those of an ordinary horse, they are only strengthened: they are more proud, more selfish, more sociable, more passionate. The life of a fiery horse will be exceptional, full of events and unexpected turns. A fiery horse can easily become a celebrity, bearing at the same time either good or evil.