Pisces: horoscope for autumn 2013

In autumn, fish face important issues, you will participate in charitable events and help other people, a change of job is possible. During this period, large amounts of money will be replaced by large losses.

In the middle of autumn, losses, disruptions in plans for training, contacts are also possible, there will be obstacles in relations with close people. Return to long-standing relationships, long-distance partners will be able to render inestimable help.

Closer to the winter, you will receive a reward for the former merits. Help will come from afar. You will always be supported by loving people, once again appreciate the important role of old ties. In the autumn try to reevaluate your views.

Horoscope September

September for fish will be crowded with events. This is a dynamic month. For you, the company is important right now. Pay more attention to your appearance. Appearance is always appreciated by others. In September, the fish will want to change their appearance or make adjustments to life events.

Even on holiday, combine pleasant with useful ones. On vacation, pay attention to health.

In early autumn, you can solve long-outstanding issues. Complete old cases, in September, most likely, a long-standing conflict will be resolved.

The stars advise you to hold your emotions. Their strong surge will negatively affect you and your surroundings. Now - you are contradictory - then loyal, then a time bomb.

Love, family

In relations there will be differences. Energy is on a peaceful course. Emotional sphere will help to establish a harmonious and intimate life. In general, quarrels give way to passionate reconciliation.

By mid-September, get ready for the crib, it does not happen much. Thanks to kindness and touching attitude will go to a more serious level.

Free fish do not despair. Now there is every chance to find a soul mate. Perhaps it will be the love of all life.

September is an excellent time for repairs, home improvement and business purchases.

Career and finances

Fish, be collected, do not clutch at several things at once. It is better to perform one fundamental so as to convince everyone of its productivity.

Do not expect real achievements in business matters from September. The first half of the autumn is a more preparatory stage.

You may even have to infringe on your personal plans and interests in favor of official affairs. Be careful, this can lead to emotional breakdown.


In September, it is better for fish to take preventive measures, especially if you know where your organization is "jamming". Strengthen immunity, do not get involved in cosmetic procedures. Yoga, exercise and sport will help maintain emotional balance.

The reproductive system and the kidneys are your vulnerable zone.

Horoscope October

In October, be selective in contact, control your words and thoughts, your negative wishes can become real.

The middle of autumn will be a difficult and tense time for fish. You, of course, will be able to solve any difficult task, but for this you will have to try. Do not stop at what you started, experiment, and your efforts will be rewarded. In solving many questions, rely on personal experience and practice. Now do not play with cats and mice. She can turn away from you.

By the end of the month there will be changes in life, you will be able to translate your bold and original ideas into reality.

Love and family

In October, the fish on the love front will reign tranquility and harmony. But if you are deceived, you will definitely learn about it by the middle of the month.

In October, it is better to unbind the new relations. Now you are wearing pink glasses, and you can not really and sensibly assess the situation.

Children in this period will add to the quiet life of "pepper". In the second half of the month the fish will begin "debriefing".

Career and finances

Pisces, try not to make big deals in October, do not sign important documents and contracts, do not go on long trips and trips. Irresponsible decisions are now contraindicated. It's better to start preparing a place for something new in your career.

Do not spoil your mood with minor servitude. It will all go away quickly. Do not grab for a few cases, the desire does not always coincide with the possibilities.

In terms of money, it will be difficult for fish to be in the middle of October. Now it is worth saving, do not wait for financial receipts, even if they should have been.


In October, fish should continue preventive measures. But self-medication should not be engaged, do not conduct experiments on your body, consult a specialist better.

The balance of the body is easy to maintain through emotional balance. Try to see the positive in everything, so as not to disturb the psychological state.

Horoscope November

If in your head for a long time a mature project, then it's best to start it in November. But do not do it alone. Enlist the support of associates and friends.

Do you want to do creativity, write poetry, paint? Forward! Perhaps now the fish will open dozing talent.Remember the main truth: the water grinds the stone.

In general, for fish November will be a conscious "+", you are expected exclusively positive changes in the events of the surprise.

In the last week of November, the fish are better off and concentrate on business. During this period, you can hardly be engaged in secondary, though beloved, affairs.

Love and family

In the last month of autumn, the fish should be transferred to the partner, do not insist on a personal point of view. Seichaslegko get confused in their experiences and feelings, you will stay in the hallucinations. This state awaits you for the next four months. Therefore, do not assume a special responsibility for yourself.

In November, children will expect from you the praise of achievement. But do not forget to abuse old offenses. With relatives, the relationship will be harmonious. You will have a desire to help everyone in the world. Be careful, you can quickly get tired of this.

Career and finances

In November, fish will be an informal leader to all. Therefore, offer new ideas, take part in the original projects, and the positive results will not be long in coming and necessarily will be in vain.

The end of autumn is a great time to quickly decide the things you have planned, to realize what you planned for the first year, but you did not get your hands on it. The leadership will certainly appreciate and recognize your old merits not only in words, but also materially. But do not bully your nose, reproaches will also be - this is the usual working situation.

From the financial side, you will feel comfortable and quite normal.


November is perfect for non-traditional therapy. Now there are real chances to defeat chronic or complex diseases. Do not forget to pay attention to the condition of the body as a whole. It is necessary to undergo a diagnostic examination, if necessary.

Important attributes of your health are good health, good health and a sincere belief in a full recovery.

In November, you can take vitamins and repeat cosmetic treatments.