Prokhor Chaliapin is going to make a DNA test for paternity

After the divorce from Larissa Kopenkina, the name of Prokhor Chaliapin disappeared for some time from the columns of the latest news of stellar publications. And, lately, the singer started talking again. And, as usual, they started talking not about his creative successes.

Some time ago, photos of the bride of Prokhora Anna Kalashnikova were on the Internet, on which she softly "cooed" with the famous Lovelace Mikhail Teryokhin. Chaliapin angered the pictures, and he immediately canceled the wedding with the actress.

The other day, all participants of the love polygon were in the studio of the program "Live with Boris Korchevnikov." The singer publicly informed his mother that no wedding was out of the question.

In the studio, Prokhor's ex-wife, businesswoman Larisa Kopenkina, who "added fuel to the fire", appeared, having reported that Anna was meeting with rich fans. The woman noted that it's time for Chaliapin to make a paternity test.

The idea was picked up by the presenter, saying that soon the artist will do a DNA analysis to determine who is right in this confusing story. Prohor himself did not say anything, but nodded in agreement.