Purchase of indoor plants

For sale, indoor plants are grown in greenhouses, where a certain humidity of air, a temperature, appropriate lighting is maintained. Mostly in shops sell indoor plants that are brought from Thailand, Holland and other countries. And even when the plant is delivered with care to the store, it is under severe stress, although it looks good. In the store for the plant certain conditions are created, but the plant does not have time to get used to it, it is bought and transferred to another room. Your conditions will differ from those to which the plant has become accustomed. Therefore, you need to choose the right plant, so that it can adapt to new conditions.

Purchase of indoor plants

Do not choose an adult plant in the store, it will not bear the stressful situation, it will take a long time to adjust, even if it gets into caring hands and if it is unpretentious in the care. Before you buy a house plant, you need to go around a few shops and choose the shop where professional advice will be given, where the plant will be packed, will offer assistance in case of failures and provide delivery.

When choosing a houseplant in the store, pay attention to where it is. Do not choose a plant that is near open doors, close to the window panes or in the aisle. Because plants that stand at open doors can suffer from drafts, those plants that stand in the aisle can be crushed. And plants that stand close to the window glass, can get sunburn from sun rays.

The soil

When choosing a plant in the store, pay attention to the soil. It should be touched, because it should not be damp or dry. There should be no water in the pan. There should be no voids between the walls and the ground in the pot. On the pot there should be no white or green coating, and on the ground, too, there should be no plaque. Leaves should be free of dust and cobwebs. If these conditions are not respected, then this store does not need to buy this plant, since it can be infected by pests or sick.

When inspecting the plant, pay attention to the stems, leaves and flowers of a gray or white plaque, if there are brown plaques on the leaves. Ask the seller how often they wipe the leaves and spray the plants.

Leaves on the plant should not be with dry and twisted tips, sluggish, foliage on the plant should be on all sides. If you get a flowering plant, then choose one that has a lot of buds, but not blossoming flowers.

When you decide on the choice of a plant, you need to pack it properly, if it's a cool season in the street, then the plant's packing must be protected from wind, low air temperature. At home, the plant will acclimatize and the duration of this period will depend on the conditions and whims of the plants. It should be protected from very high or low temperatures, from drafts, direct sunlight. Water should be moderate and gentle.

Put in a nice place for him and do not move from one place to another place. With the exception of flowering indoor plants, which are sold in winter - azalea, chrysanthemum, cyclamen. These flowers are put on the illuminated window.

Buying houseplants, you need to learn a lot about them, before you bring them home.