Renovated Scandinavian interior - trend-2016

White walls have always been a distinctive feature of the interior in Scandinavian style. It is not surprising, because the snow shade solved a practical problem, contributing to the reflection of sunlight. But this season, designers seriously took on a minimalistic "northern" concept - the Scandinavian interior-2016 has undergone some changes. First of all, the colors of the coatings. Walls and ceilings now do not necessarily have to be light - either achromatic combinations of dark gray, sand and terracotta color are recommended, or pastel colors are tender-turquoise, ash-pink, olive-beige.

In the favor there is also a palette of saturated blue and turquoise hues - the style of village life is still relevant.

However, lovers of the traditional Scandinavian interior can not change their own convictions. White still dominates the design of the premises, but - in a more "noble" interpretation. Delicate shades of ecru, ivory, champagne or melted milk impart notes of classical elegance to the laconic atmosphere, softening the strict atmosphere of the Scandinavian style.